Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Pro Hygiene Collection Antibacterial Makeup Spray

Keeping my makeup very clean and sterile is something I started paying more attention to when my skin went crazy and I decided to eliminate all bacteria that could aggravate it. You probably know that it's important to disinfect your makeup, but do you actually do it? I got a bottle of this antibacterial spray, before my first ever blog sale to make sure all the products are 100% clean and safe to use by another person. Obviously, it is a product I use most days as well and I think that everyone should own a bottle of it, or a cheaper alternative.

You simply spray it onto the surface of your makeup and leave it to dry for 60 seconds. That's it! The instructions say, that you should spray from a 30cm distance and that one spritz is enough for most products. Large palettes might need 2 or 3. You can use The Pro Hygiene Collection Antibacterial Makeup Spray on any makeup product (cream, powder, gel etc), except mascara. 

If you don't feel like spending £10.00 on this product, you can get a 500ml  bottle of  99.9% Isopropyl Alcohol Spray for £6.00 and it works the same way. It kills all bacteria and keeps your products clean. 

The Pro Hygiene Collection Antibacterial Makeup Spray  is available in 2 sizes: 100ml (£10.00) and 240ml (£15.00) from www.feelunique.com and www.cultbeauty.co.uk  



  1. I love the look of this product! It's also supposed to be a really good spray for cleaning your make-up brushes :)

    Mia xx

  2. Thanks for this post. I was after a make up cleaner and think I shall give the ebay one a try!

  3. I've never heard of anything like this before but it sounds like something I need because if my sensitive skin!


  4. I'm constantly cleaning my brushes,changing my makeup bags and wiping over product packaging to keep things sanitary but never would have thought about an anti-bac spray! Brilliant post and the OCD girl inside me now needs this.


  5. I must admit I have never done this before & thats starting to gross me out a little. I always clean my brushes so I really should do the same to my makeup. I will be buying a bottle of this for sure.

  6. This sounds really interesting! I'd love, to try it!


  7. I would have never thought it was even possible to anti-bac actual makeup; you learn something new every day. I'm really bad at cleaning my brushes, I need to do this more regularly. Great post.

    L x


  8. This is such a good idea, I always clean my brushes but I never use an antibacterial. I'll look it up! :)

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches


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