Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Love Me Beauty Box (February)

Love Me Beauty Box* £10.00 (+£2.95 p&p)

I am usually blown away by Love Me Beauty and when I opened my Valentine's Day themed February box, I was very excited about the contents. Take away the body milk sample and swap it for a nice little nail polish and it would be THE perfect box for me :) Seems amazing, but... let me explain why I was left feeling a bit disappointed...

Percy & Reed Dry Conditioner (full size, 150ml, £12.00)

 I've heard amazing things about Percy & Reed and I couldn't wait to give this product a go. It claims to give your hair shine, add softness, nourish and be totally fuss free. I sprayed it into my hair as soon as I opened the box and... I started to regret it immediately. Oh god... The smell... It is unbearable in my opinion. I am NOT fussy with scents whatsoever, but this just stinks! My hands were stinking, my hair was stinking and I had to take a shower immediately to avoid feeling sick. I NEVER act like this btw (and I am not pregnant). Once the drama was over, I decided to put it away into my hair care drawer and maybe ask one of my sisters if they like the scent (I doubt it) and want to use it up.  Well... The next day, I opened the drawer and all I could smell was the conditioner. I grabbed it and realised that it was all wet. It turns out that it leaked allover my drawer, leaving my £150 Babyliss Pro Curl wet and stinking (plus other products, hair bands, hair extensions etc!) I was close to tears. I had to take everything out of the drawer, wash it all, wipe everything and... deal with the horrible smell for the next couple of days. The liquid went allover my carpet too and it still stinks. Yuck! Sooooo.... not a pleasant experience. PS. The cap was still on the bottle, so the leakage is a mystery.

I don't blame Love Me Beauty for this, but god... I will probably stay away from Percy & Reed, because the smell of their dry conditioner is still making me feel sick every time I walk into my bedroom. I can't even describe the scent. It is vile. Maybe there was something wrong with my bottle? I don't know...

EDIT: I just found a review of this product written by a beauty blogger I always trust (Holly Arabella) and she found the scent very unpleasant too. 

Art Deco Hydra Lip Booster in shade 39 Transluscent Wood Rose (full size, £11.50)

Oh... I absolutely adore the Art Deco Hydra Lip Boosters. They feel super moisturising and non sticky and I can't recommend them enough. The consistency feels almost silky and adds the perfect amount of shine and colour to my lips. LOVE IT!


I really like multi-purpose balms and this one is a perfect handbag size. It doesn't beat my favourite Antipodes Skin Saviour Balm, but it is lovely and the ‘MAY CHANG’ scent is very pleasant. The balm can be used anywhere on your body and it is rich in Omega 3 and 6.

Inner Me Beautify Me Vitamin Complex (full size, £15.00)

I take good quality vitamins every day and Inner Me sound like a brand I can trust. This complex includes a combination of seven nutrients, essential to keep your skin, hair and nails healthy. I am looking forward to seeing the results and might repurchase this pack in the future.


I wasn't too excited about this product, but it has a pleasant scent and feels light and hydrating on the skin. I struggled to get the product out of the bottle though and I had to use a spatula. I dislike this type of plastic bottle - I prefer little pots or tubes.

Overall, the box is great value for money (over £45.00) and I am happy with 3 out of 5 products this time. I know that most people loved their Percy & Reed Dry Conditioner, but I couldn't possibly have a worse experience with it. Sorry Percy & Reed- I am just being honest...

You should know that all my previous Love Me Beauty boxes were fantastic and you can read all about them here: MayJuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecember, January

PS. Love Me Beauty has teamed up with Visit Scotland to offer their customers the chance to win a luxury break to the Outer Hebrides  and you can enter the competition here.

*PR sample



  1. great analysis you look so honest!


  2. I literally only just heard of Dry Conditioner this weekend, and I have a feeling it might have been this same brand! I'll probably never try it though if the smell is awful! I have always wanted to try the Inner Me vitamins though :)


  3. The lip booster looks lovely and the design of the box is soo cute xx


  4. Love your blog, one of my new favorite reads ^_^

    Lynsey x


  5. I just subscribed to glossy but I'm regretting it now as the reviews seem much better for the love me beauty box!

    Katy xxx


  6. Thats a shame the Percy & Reed Dry Conditioner wasn't good, I have tried some fab products from this brand. I will stay clear of the Dry Conditioner. The Art Deco lip gloss is a gorgeous shade

  7. Oh Sandra that's awful about the leakage :( xx

  8. Gosh i am disappointed along with you, but at least there were some products you loved!

    Biancarosa // xoxo


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