Saturday, 25 January 2014

Depotting some of my eyeshadow palettes

I was a little bit bored last night, so I started a big makeup clearout + prep for a blog sale. While deciding what palettes to keep, I thought I should depot some of the bulky ones (looking at you Sigma!) and put them in my lovely Z Palette (from I used it for cheap blushers and eye shadows in the past (read my original post here), but they are now past their expiry date, so they went in the bin. I made exceptions for my most loved (and old) Urban Decay Singles though and kept them :)

sigma defining eyes palette by tiffany d review and swatches

The first palette I decided to depot was the beautiful Sigma Defining Eyes Palette. The colours are super pigmented and absolutely stunning, but I wasn't using them, because of the bulky packaging. I took the liner, pencil and brush out and put them in my acrylic storage and depotted the eye shadows. They only took up about 1/6 of my Z Palette. Brilliant. Cardboard palettes are super easy to depot, because you can usually pull the top layer off, giving you access to all the shades :)

Next, I depotted the stunning Sigma Creme De Couture palette. It was heartbreaking, but I really want to use the beautiful matte shades more often, so depotting it was the right thing to do. Just like the Defining Eyes Palette, this one was super easy to depot and the pans were easy to peel of the cardboard.

I also depotted most of my single Urban Decay eyeshadows. I used to keep them in my 'Build Your Own' palette, but I wasn't using them at all! I really needed more space in my makeup drawers, so I will be selling the UD palette with W.O.S that came with it in a blog sale. Possibly next week.

I am thinking about depotting all of my other single eye shadows to make more space, so I might purchase another Z Palette for them. I prefer having all colours in one place. If you need tips on depotting eye shadows, you can find a super easy (and helpful) tutorial here.

Bye, bye pretty palettes! Hello space and easy access to more eye shadows :)



  1. Lovely shadow shades!
    My favorite is by far the sigma creme de courture palette. c:


  2. I love a bit of organisation and streamlining, so satisfying!

    Georgina at

  3. I always think about getting a Z Palette and do exactly this to my eyeshadow palettes too, not that i have many but it would definitely clear out some space, but then i look at the packagings of the original palettes and tell myself they are too beautiful to do that! I guess i'll have to 'stock' on more palettes before i really do it :P


  4. I was vaguely thinking about doing this a while ago, such a good idea to get them all in one place. So much easier to see what you've got that way!

    Ellie | | x

  5. I've depotted a lot of my eye shadows as well. It was really hard for me at first with a couple of my prettier bulky palettes, but I prefer having more space. The next pretty but bulky palette that I need to depot is my Gorgeous Getaways palette from Tarte. The box is really pretty, but with the drawer beneath for the travel palette and glosses makes it too big for regular storage.

  6. Clever, I love how organised this is! Don't know if I could part with such pretty palettes, but this is many why my palette drawer is overflowing and I can't even open it x

    Claire | AgentSmyth | Giveaway

  7. That Sigma Creme de Couture palette is lovely! x

  8. I just depotted a bunch of my eyeshadows into a zpalette and wrote about it last week! It makes things so much easier!

  9. Love the Z Palatte, never heard or saw them before, think I might have to buy myself one of those they look quite nifty. Love the post

  10. making me think if i should depot mine....

  11. I'm thinking of doing this too to get rid of some clutter! Fab photos :) x

  12. You have some stunning shades in your collection x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  13. I should do the same! Great idea!


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