Friday, 13 December 2013

Debenhams Christmas Flowers

When it comes to flowers, I am usually obsessed with them in Spring/Summer and possibly Autumn, but for some reason I take a break from buying bouquets in Winter. I have no idea why, because as soon as this beautiful arrangement arrived at my doorstep, I felt the need to fill the full house with fresh flowers. 

I picked the Snowflake Bouquet*, because I adore 'thistles'. They are my favourite flowers and there is a reason why I love them so much... When me and my husband met, the first bouquet he ever gave me had stunning thistles in it. The correct name for them is Eryngium, but they are very popular in Scotland and often used in wedding bouquets instead of actual wild thistles.

The arrangement features white avalanche roses, blue eryngium, festive silver pine cones and leaves and some small blue flowers which I can't seem to identify :) They are different than the purple trachelium on the stock photo. I love the full bouquet and I saved the silver pine cones and leaves for a Christmas Decor DIY I will be featuring this weekend. The Snowflake bouquet is currently on sale for only £26.99 (RRP £34.99)

There is many beautiful designs available, most of them with more Christmasy red accents. You can find them here.

 Don't forget to use a £5 OFF discount code: XMASBLOG (valid till the 21st of Dec on all Debenhams Christmas Gifts)

*PR sample



  1. Lovely bouquet! The flower you don't identify is called Amaranth. Well that's what we call it in Greece but truth is that Amaranth is it's family. I couldn't find the exact name. If you keep the bouquet for a long time you will realise that Amaranth won't go bad like the rest of the plants (hence the name).

  2. This is an absolute stunning bouquet, those colours are divine x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  3. They look amazing! I especially love the blue accents =) makes them very wintery!


  4. This bouquet really is stunning *-* Blue is my favorite colour so this couldn't be more perfect in my eyes =)


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