Monday, 11 November 2013

Ebay Bargains: Statement Necklaces

I always insatgram pictures of my new necklaces and many of you ask me for links etc. To make your life easier, I decided to feature some of my recent finds and other beautiful designs I have my eye on. It is safe to say that statement necklaces are my addiction. Without further ado, here they are (links and prices included).

 £1.99 here

 £1.79 here

£1.59 here (more lovely designs available) 

£2.99 here

£1.45 here

£3.58 here.

£2.73 here.

I also have my eye on these:

£1.88 each here.

£1.93 here

£2.19 here.

£2.29 here.

 photo 3770d.jpg
£2.37 here.

£2.08 each here.

£8.75 here.

£5.62 here.

£5.00 here.

The last one is actually my recent purchase. I can't wait for it to arrive! It costs £8.99 here. I have wanted it for ages, since New Look had a  similar design in gold and silver, but it was Limited Edition and it sold out pretty quickly. It costed £19.99. When I spotted Nicole Scherzinger wearing one of these on X-Factor I searched ebay for hours and finally found one! Yay! :) As you can see, I am seriously obsessed with statement necklaces :)

Here is half of my collection:



  1. Gorgeous! Love statement necklaces in winter so I'll have to peruse ebay on your recommendation! X

  2. Your photo's are always absolutely beautiful - without a doubt my favourite blog for photo quality, and representation of shades/colours! Amazing!

    These necklaces are all so gorgeous, I love the last one you're wearing - can't believe it's under £3! You're a magpie for bargains :D xxxx

    Gemma //

  3. Oh I do love a statement necklace! Recently bought a few from Primark. Think an Ebay purchase is on the cards now ;)

  4. You always find the best bargains on eBay! Thank you for doing this post and sharing with us these links!!


  5. Oh my goodness what a beautiful collection you have! I especially love the £2.99 one you own! xx

  6. I almost spat my tea out when I saw the prices of these beauties! Gorgeous
    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  7. Whenever I see a statement necklace I like I always hunt ebay to find a cheaper alternative. Two of my favourite statement necklaces I bought from ebay for £5 I have seen exactly the same ones in the shops for like £15 madness haha. Xx

  8. I adore statement necklaces, I have so many. Lovely picks x

  9. wooooow You collection is amazing!!!
    I've put my eyes on that gold and pink necklace hungin from your door (left)... how cute!
    God save ebay!!!! ^-^

    Have a wonderful day

  10. Same! I love statement necklaces, going to be doing a post on my recent purchases too! :)

  11. Had to buy that rhinestone/black ribbon bib one after seeing it on you. Such a bargain! xxx

  12. omg these necklaces are all stunning! i want them all.. next payday here i come......!!!


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