Monday, 29 July 2013

Life: quick update...

Hi everyone. I hope you had a great weekend. I mentioned on Twitter, that my laptop is officially dead and I am currently struggling to keep up with all blog related stuff. I lost all photos taken in the past two years, including pictures of my baby boy, videos of his first steps, birthdays etc... I am devastated and every time I think about it, I burst into tears. 

I knew that my laptop was on it's last legs and was about to die, so I was planning to order an external hard drive in August, to store all important photos before the laptop totally fries itself... but... I didn't get a chance to do it. Unfortunately, my 2 year old son decided to jump allover my laptop when I was in the kitchen, broke the screen and caused more damage than I could imagine. I didn't really care about the laptop, because I was planning to buy a new one really soon, but losing the hard drive was something I didn't expect at all. My husband is a tech-geek and tried every possible way of trying to save the files, but he had no luck so far. There is one more thing we can do to save the hard drive and I already ordered the parts for it, so fingers crossed. I don't want to get my hopes up though...

All I can say is... Please, please, please BACK UP your precious photos, on an external hard drive, saved onto a dvd, usb stick or simply printed out and kept in a photo album. I usually print out some photos every 4-6 months, so I will have some memories saved for the future, but if I can't get the hard drive repaired... all the videos and thousands of photos of my son will be lost :( 

I also lost all my blog photos and I will have to retake the ones I needed for future reviews, which is very annoying! I bin the outer packaging of most products right away, so I won't be able to photograph it for my blog posts.... 

I am currently using my husbands old PC to keep up with my blog and all requests, but it is a big inconvenience... I am not getting a new laptop for another month or two, so I am not sure if I will be able to post daily, but I will try my best :) 

If you don't have any plans for the evening, please back up your important, irreplaceable files, so you don't end up absolutely devastated, like me. 

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