Sunday, 7 April 2013

Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher in shade Grapefruit Jelly

Hi everyone.

Today I am reviewing another pretty Etude House blusher :) The first colour I got was Raspberry Tarte , a beautiful fuchsia pink. It looks very bright and scary in the pan, but once on, it is gorgeous! The next shade in my collection is a little less crazy and it is called Grapefruit Jelly. 

Etude House Lovely Cookie Blushers are beautifully packaged and come with a cute little puff with a pink bow. 
As you can see... I am a sucker for pretty packaging :) The puff isn't the best thing to use to apply the product, so I would recommend using your favourite blush brush - I use Real Techniques. 

Grapefruit Jelly is a coral shade with pink undertones and it is recommended for fair skin.
 I think that it suits tanned skin as well, giving a very subtle wash of colour on the cheeks, with no shimmer. 
I swatched it on my hand, after applying fake tan (pictured below) to show you how it looks like on tanned skin - it is a very pigmented peachy shade. On my (not so tanned) face it looks more pink, but still lovely. The formula is a little bit chalky, but easy to blend and long lasting.  Applied on top of foundation (no powder) it lasts for 8h+

Overall, it is a lovely product and I will be buying more shades in the future. You can get in on ebay, and amazon and it will cost you £5.00-£10.00. 


  1. Oh wow that's pretty, and i adore that puff. I've always wanted a blush with those kind of powder puffs on my dressing table x

  2. I love the packaging! It's so girly, I love it! The color is really gorgeous on you, it's such a pretty shade!

  3. This is sooo pretty. It is also a really good price. x

  4. I have this one.. I forgot the number shade, I think its #4 Carrot, the color is not really pop out on my cheeks .. Only the shimmer which is shown on my cheeks :(

    But the color looks nice on you.. Maybe I should buy this next time :D

  5. This is so pretty and the puff just makes it even more amazing :) xo

  6. That is one of the cutest blushers I have ever seen. I am definitely going to go check that out. Thanks for sharing.


  7. This looks soso beautiful!xx

  8. Another beautiful Edude blusher :) That colour really suits you :)

  9. So cute <3 It looks gorgeous on your skin ;)

  10. The color is so pretty! It looks great on you Sandra! :D Such cute packaging, too!

    xo, aly

  11. Etude House products are so cute! Lovely colour. xx

  12. Such a pretty colour! That powder puff is adorable!! :)

    Jo xx

  13. I don't really use blushes, but this one looks cute!

  14. gorgeous color!! and i love that applicator it's so cute (:

  15. So adorable!! I made an order of a bunch of Etude products on eBay and it still hasn't arrived! So anxious xx

  16. ahh I love the packaging.

    uber cute

  17. I love the cookie blushers from Etude. They're so cute aren't they and they colours go on so well don't they!! I was actually thinking of adding them to my blog shop, hadn't yet though because it's so difficult to compete with the ebay sellers who are clearly utilising some big staff discounts, they actually sell some stuff cheaper than you can buy it in the shop! You've made me think I should add them anyway, they are great and maybe some people would prefer faster shipping from a lovely seller like myself ;) hehe!

    I saw you reviewed the princess etoinette blush. I was really surprised you liked it though. The colour pay off wasn't very good on me and I found it wore off kinda quick. What base did you use it over? I'd like to make it work because it's a rather pricey purchase, as far as Etude House products go anyway. It is the girliest, prettiest packaging ever too!!

    Have a great week hun!

    Amelia xxx

    PS: Come say hello at! :) x

    1. I always wonder about the ebay prices too. I was a little bit suspicious about the products, especially after seeing so many Urban Decay and MAC fakes, but the Etude House bits I got are genuine, so the sellers must get a massive discount from the manufacturer. I didn't have a problem with the heart blusher. I am using dewy foundations at the moment,usually without a primer, but I make sure to apply the blusher before the foundation sinks into the skin completely. I noticed that the blusher stays on for much longer this way, as it sticks to the foundation and stays put for 8h+ :) If I powder my skin, most blushers last on me for a couple of hours. x

    2. Actually after commenting here my korean friend called me and it had got me thinking about how the stuff is so cheap in some cases so I asked her. She told me there's LOADS of fake Korean products. Especially BB creams and the most popular stuff and sadly, majority of it is manufactured here too. It gets sold on to places like Singapore and the Phillipines in particular, where people don't have the real thing so readily available. And, I suppose its harder for them to realise they have a fake that way too, nothing to compare it against. Ive just been checking and found quite a few people writing reviews on amazon and blog posts about them.

      This blogger wrote a few good posts about them:

      It's such a shame that this seems to happen whenever a product becomes popular. Most Korean products are really good but fakes could end up giving them a bad rep or putting people off, not to mention it could be dangerous :( Pleased to confirm though, that yes, all yours look 100% the real deal :D

      I'm going to try the blush over my Missha BB cream, thats pretty sticky, might do the trick! I do tend to dilly dally a bit these days too, so ill try get it on quicker. Thank you for the advice hun, sorry for cluttering up your comments with my mini essay. I'll email you next time, haha! xxx

  18. This is such a gorgeous colour!! and that puff is adorable, you don't see enough in my opinion...

  19. This is a beautiful colour! Looks great on you x


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