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New Bourjois Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix Foundation and Healthy Mix Blusher Review. Swatches +before and after

 Today I would like to share my thoughts on two exciting new products from Bourjois!
I reviewed the Healthy Mix Serum Foundation (here) and I loved it, so I had high expectations for the revamped Healthy Mix. The second product and a brand new member of the Healthy Mix family is the peachy blusher. I am a blush addict and I adore Little Round Pots from Bourjois, so I knew right away, that I will like this beaut! 

Healthy Mix Little Round Pot* £7.49 2.5g

I always loved Bourjois blushers. The packaging is really lovely and sturdy and comes with a mirror and a brush. I like the brush and use it to apply the product, but it is a bit rough. 

Healthy Mix is a paraben free blush in a gorgeous peachy/coral shade. I really like the way it looks on me and I am sure that it would suit most skin tones. The finish of this shade is matte, but it looks very radiant and adds a gorgeous peachy glow to my cheeks.

It is a baked blusher, so the first application can be tricky. If you are not familiar with the formula of Little Round Pots, you might be confused at first.  Years ago, I had all shades from the range and I remember them being the same as this one.  I always used the little plastic brush handle to scrape the top layer of the blusher off. This way, I can get a desired amount of colour, without any hassle. I am glad to see that I am not the only one who  scrapes off the top layer :) Adrienne (The Sunday Girl) shared her way to deal with the problem in her recent review. Click here to find out about her technique.  Once the top layer is off, the pigmentation is really good and the lasting power of the blush is amazing. It stays put for 10 hours+ (on normal/combination skin) and fades evenly.

If you haven't tried Bourjois blushers before, this one would be great as your first Little Round Pot. 
It is a perfect Spring/Summer shade. It also reminds me of my Chanel blusher in shade Reflex, but minus the shimmer and soft consistency. I added swatches below to show you the comparison.

Swatched in direct daylight
swatched in daylight: left- Bourjois Healthy Mix, right-Chanel Blush in Reflex
wearing Bourjois Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix Foundation in shade 53 and Healthy Mix Blusher

Bourjois Healthy Mix Radiance Reveal Foundation* £9.99 30ml

I haven't tried the original Healthy Mix foundation, but I adore the serum version.
After reading many reviews of the Healthy Mix, I assume that the new Radiance Reveal falls in-between the original and the serum in terms of coverage and the finish. It is available in 8 shades and promises to give your skin a radiance boost and a flawless finish for up to 16 h.

The packaging is different from the original. This time the bottle is a glass one (original was plastic), the colour of the pump is red instead of black and there is no mechanism to push the product up.

First impressions? It smells incredible- very fruity and fresh. It is enriched with a fruit therapy formula (with apricot, melon & apple) and crystalline pigments to enhance and even out complexion.

As soon as I tried this wonderful foundation I fell in love with the formula. It is creamy and easy to blend and looks very natural on the skin. It gives more coverage than the Healthy Mix Serum and adds a beautiful glow. Some of you mentioned on Twitter that the original Healthy Mix can give a mask effect, but with the new formula it is all about a luminous, flawless complexion. It gives medium coverage, evens out skin tone, reduces the appearance of pores and redness and covers pigmentation & small imperfections. It is light weight and hydrating, so I feel like I am not wearing anything on my face. I don't use a powder to set it, but if you have oily skin, you might want to powder your t-zone/problem areas.

It has incredible staying power of 10 hours+ and it makes my skin look healthy and luminous. I would recommend trying it out if you are still on the lookout for your Holy Grail foundation.
 You might just fall in love with this drugstore gem!

The Bourjois Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix Foundation and Healthy Mix Blusher will be available to buy from Boots, Superdrug and other Bourjois stockists  from the 22nd of March 2013.

left-before (bare face), right-after applying Bourjois Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix Foundation in shade 53
closeup of the finish with the foundation

*PR sample

My exclusive March advertiser is Angelica from One Little Vice


  1. Oh the new foundation sounds just lovely! I have both previous foundations, the original one and the serum and I do prefer the serum one, so I'm really happy to hear about this. The blush looks really pretty too! I have to try to scrape the top layer off too because I had similar issues, great tim! :)

  2. I think I might have to give this a go, I've only heard good things about this range!xx


  3. They both look lovely! Definitely going to buy both of these! x

  4. I've heard only good things about Bourjois and really, really want to try some! I love both of the things you tried, that blush is especially pretty!

  5. This sounds lovely! Definitely on my list of foundations to try once I've used up some of my stash!
    The blusher is gorgeous, too, but I definitely don't need anymore peachy blushers...

    Jesss xo

  6. WOW, that foundation makes your skin look absolutely flawless!! I've always wanted to try Bourjois products (but mainly the foundation) for the longest time... I hope they become readily available in the states sometime soon :(


  7. I really liked Healthy Mix foundation but it was a bit dark for me, but i might give the new stuff a go!

    The Beauty Belle

  8. ooh i really want these,your skin looks flawless x

  9. The colour of the blush is actually perfect! :)

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

  10. That's such a pretty blush colour x x

  11. I have been playing with these at work today and have fallen in love. So gorgeous. x

  12. It looks really good on you but I think I need more coverage than that. I will check out your review of the original one. Great review and photos Sandra xxx

  13. I love healthy mix and can't wait to try this one!

  14. I love bourjois foundations. They are great for their price!! Thanks for sharin x

  15. What a glowing (hoho) review! I must try that foundation out when it arrives!


  16. I just tried the Healthy Mix Serum yesterday and love it! Before that, I was using the original one and that was good too. Can't wait for this to arrive in Singapore! Thanks for the review! :D

  17. I've always wanted to try bourjois blush but they looks too shimmery, this one seems very nice! anyway I've followed your blog, would be very happy if you'd check mine out too :) Thanks! http://peachysweetness.blogspot.com

  18. Excited for that Bourjois foundation to hit our shores - looks like a really promising product. I use the serum version too and never tried the original Healthy Mix, but this new version seems even better!

  19. I love the Healthy Mix Serum, so I'm excited to try this one out!
    The blush colour looks lovely on you too!


  20. Thank you for the review! That foundation looks worth to try.

  21. I think this stuff is really nice and I love Bourjois!! I have already probably 5 blushes! All my friends love them!
    I have so much trouble with foundation though! I find it difficult to find a shade that matches my skin! Or that gets even close!
    All of the ones I have tried since now have always made the "mask" effect! Ugly!
    How do you like BB creams? I read that some brands are making some CC creams, more improved BB ones. What do you think?

  22. That blush is gorgeous!! I wish Bourjois was available in the states. I want to try that Foundation so bad!


  23. Thanks for this great review!
    I just bought the healthy mix foundation, and I'm so excited to start using it. I want to try the blush but I tend to only like cream blushes. Have you tried any of their cream products??


  24. Great, I'm getting both products - I was also a huge fan of the serum, and it was the only full bottle I have ever finished :)

  25. Thank you for this review, I wanted to decide between the Bourjois foundations and it was great that you reviewed them :)



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