Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Natural Looking Brows with Shavata Brow Tamer and Tweezers

You might know that  I am trying to grow my brows. They are naturally dark and thick, but they are taking forever to grow back to their original shape. I just want to have perfectly bushy Cara Delevingne eyebrows ok? :) I am not obsessed with her, don't worry... but I see photos of her brows everywhere and I am so jealous!

It's been over 3 months since I plucked my eyebrows, so I finally decided to give them some TLC.
I used cute Heart Shaped Shavata Tweezers for it and I am pleasantly surprised with the effects. 
First of all, the tweezers feel comfortable in my hand and they grip even the shortest hair.
They are enclosed in a plastic case with a magnifying mirror inside and you also get a black velvet pouch to keep them safe :) I think that they are adorable and would make a lovely gift. They are available  in five colours: black, white, pink, red and teal. 

I try not to use too much products on my brows, because I can get carried away and end up looking weird... At the moment I use a dark brown Etude House brow pencil to fill in any gaps, brush through the hair with a little comb and set the shape with a brow gel. The one I've been using recently is the Brow Tamer by Shavata and I love it! I normally use a little Look Beauty brow gel from the pro brow kit, but it started to go a bit flaky and it really puts me off. Shavata Brow Tamer is a click pen and it dispenses enough clear gel for one brow in one click. It is fantastic and dries instantly, without going flaky. It keeps my brows in place all day and is totally invisible!  If you ever used a clear gel with a wand, you will know that it can get messy and that it turns brown or black after a couple of uses. With the brow tamer, there is no mess and the gel is always clear and fresh. Perfect!

Do you like the look of natural looking, fuller eyebrows? What are your favourite brow products?

Shavata Heart Shaped Tweezers* £21.00 and Shavata Brow Tamer* £14.50 are
available from Shavata.co.uk.

My exclusive March advertiser is Angelica from One Little Vice

* PR samples


  1. The tweezers are adorable. I've been loving my Tweezermans for a while now and i think that they do their job perfectly. I have seen these Shavata tweezers on websites and i have been tempted by the novelty of the design and the fact that they have a nice case for them to be stored. I have such sparse brows that i don't think the tamer is really necessary for me. Glad that the products worked well for you though~

    Thanks for the review, i hope you have a lovely day <3
    X x X x

  2. The 2nd picture is brilliant, haha. I've seen these tweezers on QVC and have always been tempted.

  3. I usually just extend the arch of mine and then run some gel through them so they stay in place. The joys of using a clear brow gel, haa, mine looks disgusting! The brow tamer looks really interesting, where can you buy it from?

  4. Ooo I've recently tried out these products and have to say they're pretty nifty ... I still can't be bothered with my brows though haha.

    I have tagged you in the Procrastinating Beauty Blogger Tag. Hope you'll take part :D

    Louise x


  5. Your brows are so lovely and thick already! Everytime I see a picture of you I get jealous haha!

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥


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