Designer baby clothes for boys.

Hi everyone. Today's post is a little bit different :) It is all about designer clothes for boys. 
I think that every mum loves buying beautiful clothes for their children and we can get carried away and spend a fortune :)  I must admit, I used to spend a lot on Zachary's outfits... 

Kids grow out of stuff really quickly, so I am trying to be more reasonable when I buy new clothes for Zac. I make exceptions though and buy an odd designer piece sometimes. The quality is great and you get what you pay for. 

Surprisingly, brands like Ralph Lauren are not that expensive. The wellies are only £30 at the moment, which is the same price as some high street brands. I bought a Ralph Lauren top for Zac when he was a little baby and it was really well made, the fabric felt luxurious and  the overall quality was just amazing! I wouldn't recommend designer clothes for everyday wear though. Can you imagine a massive orange baby dinner stain on a brand new £40 top? Exactly :) I choose designer pieces for special occasions or when I want to take some nice photos for a family album.

I am excited about Zac turning two this year. It means that he can finally wear stuff from the proper boys section. I buy his tops in the 2-3 yr  size, but he still wears 18-24months bottoms :) I am already planning his Spring/Summer outfits and I have been looking at summer swimwear for kids. All the shorts are really cute and there is so much choice. You can choose from Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, Burberry and more. The prices start from £25, so quite affordable in my opinion.

You can find all the pieces I featured on It is an online boutique full of designer and high end baby clothes. If you are a mum, you will love it!

What is your favourite brand of baby clothes? I would love to know.

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