Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Review: Dr. Hauschka Translucent Bronze Concentrate

"This is a Dr.Hauschka 2013 Hero product. Hero products are all highly-revered, award-winning products that produce brilliant, beautiful skin. Translucent Bronze Concentrate can be applied either on top of your usual moisturiser or mixed in, to help even out skin tones, soften blemishes and give a sun-kissed look. It can also be mixed with Quince Body Moisturiser and applied to the body to give a more bronzed hue."

I really like Dr.Hauschka skincare products and the Translucent Bronze Concentrate is the newest addition to my beauty stash. It is a multipurpose wonder in a bottle! It slotted into my skincare/makeup routine easily and I now use it every single day!  
You might be terrified of the dark colour, but bear with me - it will suit any skin tone. I use one pump of the liquid straight from the bottle, but if you have pale skin, you can mix it with your face cream to create a custom made tinted moisturiser- brilliant!  The concentrate isn't a bronzer only, it is also great for balancing oily and acne prone skin and helps to sooth dryness and irritation. It smells lovely, similar to other Dr.Hauschka products I tried before. It smoothes the skin, evens out skin tone. More importantly, it adds a lovely glow to my face and a very natural looking, subtle tan. It can also be used on your body to achieve an even, glowing complexion. 

The formula of the Transluscent Bronze Concentrate is very light and hydrating. It is the most incredible bronzing product I have ever tried. It is also perfect for men, especially if mixed with a moisturiser. My husband is very pale and he would never consider using fake tan or a powder bronzer, but the Bronze Concentrate is something he might try in the future. I also tried it as a cheek colour, applied with a stippling brush and it looks incredible. I can't recommend it enough, especially for spring/summer when most of us try to stay away from powders and cakey foundations. A little goes a long way, so you definitely get your money's worth. 

Important - Shake the bottle before use, as this product contains substances which sink to the bottom. Just shake to put them back into suspension :)

Dr. Hauschka Translucent Bronze Concentrate applied onto bare face, after a toner and moisturiser.
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  1. This looks amazing Sandra! It looks so subtle on your skin, but still really gorgeous! xx

  2. Omg this sounds incredible. I want.

  3. I need to try this one. Sounds great:) xx


  4. This sounds lovely. My face is usually paler than my body because it's where I concentrate my sun protection so this would even it out nicely xx

  5. This looks amazing!! I like the fact it can be mixed with moisturiser to tailor the colour x

  6. I absolutely adore Dr Hauschka, and have used their products pretty much most of my life, but have yet to try this! It looks like my perfect product to be honest, I'm going to grab some next month I think!

  7. Hi Sandra, your blog is lovely! I was looking for comments about this product to see what people were saying about it. I have been really enjoying it! I loved this review, xx



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