Thursday, 17 January 2013

Review: ELF HD Blush in shade Headliner

"Rich and creamy HD Blush naturally sculpts and highlights the cheekbones for a soft-focus effect that is great for everyday use. The Vitamin E enriched formula conditions and hydrates the skin for a healthy, radiant glow. Velvety soft, lightweight and highly pigmented color creates a long-lasting result for all day wear."

I am having an affair with cream blushers at the moment and my favourite one must be the ELF HD Blush in shade Headliner. I received it in my swap with Coco and I absolutely love it.
It is a gorgeous rose pink, with a velvety feel to it. It is super pigmented, and I really mean it! It is the most pigmented blusher I have ever used! The tiniest amount is actually too much for one application so you will probably waste half of the product, but it isn't really an issue. 

The blush comes in a plastic bottle with a pump and the amount it dispenses is just too much. I am not complaining though, because it is a very affordable product and  I can repurchase without thinking twice. 

ELF HD Headliner Blush looks very natural on my cheeks, creating a perfect flush of colour, with a beautiful, radiant finish. The formula is light and moisturising and stays in place all day. 

I am so impressed with this bargain blusher! If somebody asked me to test it without telling me the brand name, I would probably go for a high end brand. It feels so luxurious!
I apply it with a stippling brush- MAC or Bdellium and blend it with a buffing brush for a natural finish.

Overall, this is a must have if you love cream blushers. I will be buying the peachy/coral shade (Superstar) when my spending ban is over. It looks like  a gorgeous colour and I need it in my collection.

You can buy ELF HD Blushers from ELF's US website for $3 and from the UK website for £3.75.

PS. Excuse my crazy print nails :) I don't know what possessed me to paint them like this! 

My exclusive January advertiser is Coco from The Beauty Milk


  1. This looks exactly like the MUFE HD blushers which were all the rage about one or two years ago. I had a few but since I have sold them. I was told these ELF were not that great, too oily etc but I guess it shows everyone is different!
    This looks lovely on you! x

  2. Your nails looks fine Sandra!

    I've never really got on with cream blushers but I may try this out now I have my trusty Real Techniques Stippling Brush with me at all times!

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  3. I am so glad you have taken the time to review this, I have been debating whether or not to buy it and you have made up my mind, it looks gorgeous, thank you x

  4. It look beautiful on you!! I've just received this a couple of days ago; can't wait to try them now after seeing it on you :) x

  5. Thats a lovely colour and it looks high quality. I can't believe the price!

    Cool nails btw :)


  6. This looks lovely and really natural! xx

  7. This looks great! Going to have an ELF spree for sure!


  8. I'd love to get this as I have been looking for affordable, cream or liquid blush since I have dry skin! :) xo

  9. This looks so nice on you! Your skins lovely! =) xo

  10. i am looking for encore.. i hope that will also be a good color

  11. Oooooh, i saw these on the elf website, when my spending ban is over, I think I may try them out too :))xx

  12. This is a lovely colour! Elf impress me with quite a lot of their products actually! It surprised me as I thought because they were so cheap, they wouldn't be amazing quality .. but how wrong was I!

    Lovely post & lovely nails! ;)


  13. This looks lovely! I need to try ELF make-up soon

  14. I must say that i have never heard of liquid blushes, thank you for letting me know. I'll definitely want to try one myself too now :)

  15. Great to hear that they are good! I wonder how these compare to the MUFE ones, they look incredibly similar but just for the fraction of the price!

  16. I might have to try this out, I love the idea of a liquid blush!

  17. Beautiful colour! I love the pump action on it too :)

  18. That looks really pretty! I'm gonna look out for that :-)

    xx Christal xx

  19. I need this in my life!!! damn spending ban. Now who can I ask to get me this for my birthday?? lol. x

  20. This looks gorgeous on you! I need to try this one ;)

  21. Out of the 3 I own this is the color I use the most, it's my favorite. It looks so gorgeous on you! xx

  22. Wow, that looks like a gorgeous product! ^^
    I really love elf products even though they aren't sold in my country - but my mum went overseas and bought back some for me! ^^

  23. Wow, this actually reminds me of MUFE HD blush! And I love your nails x

  24. I just ordered myself one of these before clicking on here. Super excited now! x


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