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International beauty swap with Coco and some beauty swap advice

Hi everyone!

I received my beauty swap parcel from Coco today!!! YAY!!!!!! It came all the way from Puerto Rico!!!
Coco is such a lovely girl, she runs a fabulous blog called The Beauty Milk and she is also one of my advertisers, so you might be following her blog already. If not, I think you should :) Seriously! I adore Coco's blog! It is all about her love for makeup with great reviews and beautiful photos. It quickly became one of my favourite beauty blogs! You can visit The Beauty Milk  here. When Coco asked me if I would like to do the swap I just couldn't say no :) I haven't done a swap with an American blogger before and Puerto Rico is part of USA, so it was a perfect opportunity :) 

We decided on a £30-40 budget, but after a week of shopping for each other we decided to change it to £60 :) That's what happens when beauty addicts do a swap. At the end both of us went over the budget anyway, haha. I picked some of my all time favourite products, including Bourjois, Barry M, MUA, Collection 2000, Jemma Kidd and more. I also included some Liz Earle samples and sweeties :)
I think that everybody secretly hopes for something sweet in a swap. haha

Ok, so the parcel I got from Coco is AMAZING!!! I totally trusted her with everything and the only thing I asked for was MAC Mineralize Skin finish in Soft & Gentle, simply because US prices of MAC products are more affordable. UK is terrible with prices of high end makeup.

I had a feeling that Coco will get me some WetnWild eyeshadows :)  Every British beauty Blogger wants to try them, right? I am sooooooo excited to try them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are gorgeous!

I also got something I really really wanted- A Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush!!!
OMG! I know... I must sound overexcited, but I have been dreaming about trying Tarte products!
The shade I got is called Dollface and it is absolutely beautiful! 

I also got a NARS Blusher in shade Torrid - Oh wow! It is breathtakingly beautiful! 
I didn't expect to get so many high end products to be honest! 
(You really surprised me Coco and I can't thank you enough!!!) 

I absolutely looooooooove everything Coco got for me and the swap was an amazing experience!
If you ever get a chance to take part in a swap, DO IT!!!



The only thing you need to remember when doing a swap is to make sure that you are swapping with a genuine blogger, preferably an established blogger or simply somebody you can trust and talk to on Twitter etc. I've heard some horror stories before, but so far I only had positive experiences with swaps. You can read about my first one here.

Another important thing to remember is the price of postage. Me and Coco didn't include it in our budget, but if you are shipping a 1.5 kg parcel overseas, be prepared to pay around £20 for it.
I had  a little change of plans with the swap to be honest, because I forgot how expensive the postage is. I bought a beautiful canvas gift box for the swap and forgot to check the weight of it. It turns out that it was over 1kg so... far too heavy. I wrapped everything and went to the Post Office to find out that my parcel weighs nearly 4kg and would cost me over £100 to send it !!! WOWZA!!! I went back home and had to repack everything to make sure that the parcel is an alright size and under 2kg. I had to take some product out including a Liz Earle Skincare set, a blog planner and more sweeties :(

What did I learn from the swap -I will know not to go over 2 kg, avoid heavy gift boxes, stick to small beauty products and check the price of the postage online before I go to the Post Office :)
I still can't believe how silly I was thinking that I can send a massive parcel at a reasonable price :)
I didn't know that parcels over 2kg are shipped via globalexpress and cost a fortune.

Back to the contents of the swap - I freakin love them! I can't even describe my excitement and I will try to review most of the products on the blog in 2013.

I will list everything I got under the photo of all the products :) 

PS. Thank you again Coco!!! It feels like Christmas again and you really surprised me with the contents of the parcel. I didn't expect to receive Tarte, Nars or Illamasqua :) xo

WetnWild eyeshadows - Comfort Zone
WetnWild eyeshadows - Petal Pusher
WetnWild eyeshadows - I am getting sunburned
WetnWild eyeshadows - Cool as a cucumber
WetnWild eyeshadows - Walking on eggshells
WetnWild eyeshadow -Nutty
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in soft & gentle
NARS blusher in shade Torrid
NARS Eyeshadow Base
Tarte Amazonian Clay Blusher - Dollface
Illamasqua Nail Varnish in shade Jo'mina
China Glaze Nail Lacquer in shade For Audrey
Milani blusher in shade Dolce Pink
Milani blusher in shade Red Vino
WetnWild lipstick in shade Don't Blink Pink
WetnWild lipstick in shade Within These Adobe Wall
Covergirl lipstick in shade Sultry
Covergirl Mascara Lashblast Volume
Too Faced lip cream in shade Juicy Melons
Elf HD Blush in shade Headliner
Elf Blush in shade Pink Passion
Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch
Maybelline ColorShow Nail Lacquer in Dressed To Kill
Physicians Formula Glow 7 Mood Boosting Blush
Physicians Formula bronze Booster
EOS sweet mint lip balm

I also got some delicious sweeties - one of them was coconut flavoured (my favourite) - sooo good!


  1. Looks like such an amazing swap! All the products looks great.

    Gillian x

  2. Very nice swap! I love doing swaps with American girls - as you said the cost is so much better for them than us! I love Makeup Alley, I have been on there for years and literally done hundreds of swaps!! Some of those ladies are now my friends and its such a nice experience.

    The site is really worth checking out if you want to do this regularly (doing a "custom purchase" or CP or just a regular swap- its a good way of getting rid of your unwanted items too!

    Its a shame postage from the UK costs so much though, its made me swap a lot less now to be honest but I still love getting my WnW items and Milani from the US - I have a lot of the things you have just received.

    I hope you love using your new goodies

    Grace xx

  3. Oh my this is amazing, you got some lovely goodies!! I can't wait to see what you sent Coco!! Xx.

  4. This looks amazing! I think I need to do a swap soon :)

  5. Woow I would love a swap like this wet and wild, elf and physician are sure on my list :)

  6. That`s like another Christmas <3 Jealous!!! :D

  7. Wow, I love seeing hauls from swaps. Looks like you got some fantastic things, I'd love to see swatches of those WetnWild products. :)

  8. A fantastic swap. you got some really exciting things. I have tried a few WetNWild products and they are amazing. x

  9. That is an amazing swap! I'm doing one with a blogger in the new year. We've done one before so I know I can trust her. Lovely goodies you got there! xx

  10. I loved the experience! Thank you for everything, Sandra! I posted the products you sent me right now. I LOVED the Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer. I put it on my face without even swatching it first. I was just so sure I'd love it.

    The Milani baked blushes have a lovely finish. I have Dolce Pink and I love it so I hope you will too. And I KNOW you will love the Too Faced Juicy Melons lipstick. The name is cheeky but the formula is amazing.
    And it's such a relief to see that none of the Wet'n'Wild eyeshadows shattered. I was so worried they would arrive broken. I'm glad they didn't! Hope you love everything!!! xxxx

  11. WOW, what an amazing swap!! She really picked out some wonderful products :) And it really is a shame that shipping is so expensive... I remember sending a VERY small gift (less than a pound) to a friend in Italy for her birthday (from America) and it cost me $15!


  12. Wow, lovely stuff! Doing a swap looks like a lot of fun!

  13. Wow so much stuff! I love doing swaps, they are so fun, and it makes you really good friends with the other person too!

  14. love he swap idea and you got so many lovely things :D thanks for putting me in the direction of coco's blog its so lovely :D

  15. Wow that is a lot of products. Seems like a great swap.

  16. OMG! That is a great package. Definitely one of the best I've seen! A great mix of products and I've seen great reviews on most of those items. How fun!

  17. Wow, she was incredibly generous in the selection she sent you.. you have so much to try! It all looks fab!!!
    Gem xx

  18. What an amazing swap! Very jealous of the Wet N Wild palettes!


  19. this was such a great swap i just read coco's you guys did so well! i just got 3 of the 8 colour wet & wild palettes they are such good quality! and i am so jealous you got to try an amazonian clay blush i wish we got tarte here in australia! i am you're newest follower :)

  20. You got some lovely bits! I have that Tarte blush, it's lovely. And I adore the Milani baked blushes!! xo

  21. swap success!

    xo Cassy

  22. ohh~ AMAZING !!
    please review the wet n wild eyeshadow


  23. Ooh! That must have been really fun!! >W<
    Wow, you received such gorgeous products!!!
    Than you for sharing about your swap! I've heard a lot about beauty swaps and I hope to do one in the future as well!
    Thanks for the tips! ^^

  24. So amazing! I read both of your swap posts and I just can't stop fealing jealous! None of them is easily accessible in my country (Greece), so most of them I have to order online :(
    I wish I can swap with someone soon :)
    Enjoy all these goodies :) Have happy holidays!

  25. Can I say....amazing!!!:) Lucky you, swaps are sooo fun to do (have some on my blog too).
    Anyway...I also like your end of the swap including so much goodies. No wonder the shipping was a bit more than expected.

  26. This is so cool..Lovely stuffs <3

  27. Amazing! I think I'm jealous :D

    xoxo Tina

  28. What an incredible box! Must've been super exciting unwrapping everything. Enjoy all the amazing goodies :) And international postage is absolutely exorbitant, I really wish it were more affordable.

  29. *drools* What an amazing swap!

  30. u hv got amazing swap..its really fun filled..

  31. I am so jealous of the HD blush!
    I can't wait til it comes to the UK :)

  32. Uhmm Puerto Rico is not a part of USA, it's a separate country..

  33. Ok, my bad, it's a part of US territory although it's not a US state. Now I know :)

  34. I would LOVE to do a swap with someone in the US - here's my blog post on the subject if anyone is interested -


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