Monday, 14 January 2013

NEOM Real Luxury Organic Body Wash

NEOM Real Luxury Organic Body Wash <direct link> 240ml £18.00

"Gently cleanse yourself with this softening organic body wash, packed with soothing Aloe Leaf, Chamomile flower & Apricot Fruit Extract, it will leave your body feeling clean & fresh, ready for the day ahead. As the aromas mix with the steam in the shower, your chosen treatment scent will get to work. 71% certified organic ingredients; 29% natural ingredients. Real Luxury - Lavender, Jasmine & Brazilian Rosewood. Known as the 'cashmere blanket' of our scent library, Real Luxury is a sophisticated but light and calming scent. The most precious Jasmine is combined with a little French lavender and the soothing, spicy tones of Brazilian Rosewood"

I got the NEOM Real Luxury Body Wash in  November and I have been using it nearly every day for the past 2-3 months. I am surprised that it lasted me for such a long period of time. 
A small amount lathers up really well and cleanses gently, without stripping the moisture.

I love the scent of it - very fresh, with notes of  Lavender, Jasmine and Brazilian Rosewood.
That's exactly how I imagine a pure organic fragrance - refreshing, relaxing and soothing.

All Neom body washes are packed with amazing ingredients, including Aloe Leaf, Chamomile Flower and Apricot Fruit extract and free from anything nasty. You won't find  any parabens, petrochemicals, SLS, PEG's or silicone in NEOM products They are not tested on animals and are suitable for vegetarians. Perfect! 

I really enjoyed using this body wash, it is gentle for the skin, smells lovely and leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. I would love to try more products from this range, I am addicted to the Lavender, Jasmine & Rosewood scent.

Have you tried any NEOM  body products? What is your favourite scent?

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  1. mmmm looks lovely! I like products that dont have any badness in them :)

  2. Looks lovely & luxurious :) Really need to try some Neom products!

  3. Sounds great. I will put it in my wishlist to try it myself :)

  4. This sounds so lovely. I wish the NEOM was in Canada, all your reviews of the brand make it sound like nothing is bad. There candles are on my wish list, and this might have to be added. xx

  5. Ahhh you make this sound so lovely and refreshing... just like most things NEOM sound. I can't wait to try out one of their products someday when I'm feeling really eager to pamper myself!! :)


  6. this sounds so luxurious, I love their candle range too!


  7. This looks and sounds amazing. Good price too considering the size and ingredients :) x

  8. I love neom a lot. I haven't tried this product yet, but the scent sounds delicious! / Claire

  9. Man....your photos are just...everything. Amazeballs. Full of awesome even. Look at the detail! I love NEOM shower gels, Real Luxury in particular. I bought some a few months ago and I loved using it in the shower in the morning as it made the whole bathroom smell of gorgeousness. Definite repurchase. Lovely post love and amazing photos! xxxxxx

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