Friday, 21 December 2012

Clarins Joli Rouge 710 Apricot Sugar review


"Create irresistible kiss-me lips with Clarins Joli Rouge lipstick. 
Joli Rouge offers an innovative and incredibly creamy, melting texture with a comfortable feel on application. 
The intense colour is enhanced by its shine, to give a really vibrant makeup result. 
It also cares for your lips- mango butter repairs, nourishes and protects against dehydration."

I got this gorgeous lipstick ages ago and I really love it. 
I actually ordered a backup, because I am using it like a maniac :) 
That's why I featured it in my recent makeup haul. 
It was such a bargain! I paid £3.99 for it!!! I know that some people don't like to buy bargain makeup from online outlets, but I couldn't resist it. The lipstick is lovely, it smells amazing and it feels and looks great on my lips, so I am sure that there is nothing wrong with it. I checked Clarins website and this shade is not available anymore from the Joli Rouge range, so I am guessing that it was discontinued.
I got mine from after reading this post by Fee from Makeup Savvy

The formula of the lipstick feels like a lip balm, but it is nicely pigmented.
I took pictures of the swatches in daylight and with studio lights, to show you the colour.
It looks like a cool nude shade in daylight, but it is a warm peachy colour. I just couldn't capture it for some reason. Apricot Sugar is sheer, but buildable and adds a gorgeous peachy shine to my lips. 
It contains mango butter to nourish and protect and it feels very hydrating.
The scent of the lipstick is an added bonus- it smells fruity and I love it!

The packaging is beautiful. It looks and feels very expensive.
The sliver metal case is quite heavy and it clicks when you close it :) 

Overall, this lipstick is an amazing bargain and it became my "go to" lip product.
If you would like to order it online, you can do it here and choose from two shades.

in daylight 
with studio lights

it looks like a cool pinky nude in this light, but it is a warm peachy shade


  1. Wow what an amazing bargain, thanks for sharing :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. You got such a great deal on that lipstick!! Great find, especially for something you already knew you loved so much :)


  3. Gorgeous! And such a great deal. X

  4. looks good! x

  5. I love xtras-online, I always save money when I use them. This lipsticks lovely xo

  6. Love how that looks

  7. This is beautiful, I love your photographs! Have you done I photography tips post? It would be great for a novice like me :P


  8. it is really beautifull


  9. Ooh, that's a gorgeous lip!
    Really love your eye-make too! ^^


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