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Bdellium Tools 15 piece Brush Set review

Hi everyone.
I have a slight obsession with make-up brushes and this Bdellium Tools set is the most recent addition to my collection. I am sure you've seen the green Bdellium brushes in the blogosphere already, but just so you know, you can also get them in yellow and black. 
I absolutely adore this set and I think that Bdellium brushes are the most beautiful ones in my collection! 

"Professional Eco Friendly Complete 15 Piece Makeup Brush Set from the Bdellium Tools Green Bambu Series. 100% Cruelty Free, Vegan Friendly, Hypoallergenic Synthetic Bristles and Sustainable Bamboo Handles throughout."

First of all, I love the design. It is perfect and beautiful! The brushes are made of bamboo and the bristles are hypoallergenic and cruelty free! I am very impressed with the quality of the brushes. They are very well made and look expensive. The bristles are very soft and  feel great on my face, especially the powder and blusher brushes. Because the fibres are synthetic  there is no shedding, so you won't find annoying fibres on your face when you are doing your makeup:) 
They are also easy to clean and dry in 4-5 hours. 
The set contains every single brush you will ever need to do makeup, although I would add a buffing brush, because I am addicted to my Real Techniques one :)  My favourite brushes from the set are the 955B Duet Fiber Finishing Brush (perfect for applying and blending foundation), the 964B Blusher Brush (for blusher and bronzer) and the 762B Small Angle Brush (for filling in and shaping my eyebrows).
I have been using the brush set every single day since I got it and I love it! It comes with a roll up pouch which makes it perfect for travelling. If you are looking for good quality set, or if you want to get good single brushes, I can highly recommend Bdellium Tools. You can get Bdellium brushes from Beauty Chamber. They offer a wide selection of make-up, nail care and other beauty products with worldwide delivery.


980B Powder Brush- for pressed or loose powder products 
964B All Purpose Blusher Brush-designed for use with blush or face powder
 955B Duet Fiber Finishing Brush-finishing brush for blending face powder or water based foundation
 949B Pointed Foundation Brush-for precise application of foundation, concealer, contour and highlight.
 947B Small Foundation Brush-ideal to apply foundation on smaller areas
 936B Concealer Brush-concealer brush for eyes and face.
785B Tapered Blending Brush-to add depth to the eye when applying eyeshadow to the crease line
 780B Pencil Brusheyeshadow shading and blending brush, also perfect for smudging eyeliner
 775B Duet Fiber Shader Brush-for applying the smallest amount of products like finishing powders. May also be used for brushing off excess product.
 772B Small Shader Brush-can be used for powder, concealer and any cream based product
 740B Sponge Applicator Brush-sponge application tool for use with powder, liquid or cream products
 733B Lash Brush-for precise mascara application and lash separation
 762B Small Angle Brush-for fine, detailed brow work, adding colour and filling in eyebrows.
 710B Eyeliner Brush-extra fine brush for use with liquid, gel or cream eye makeup products
 542B Bold Lip Brush-A wider, firmer lip brush, making bold lips quick and easy.


  1. What a gorgeous brush set, they look amazing,soft and look like they have a decent weighted handle too!

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. Wonderful brush set! Love it!


  3. 80 pounds o.O soo expensive but it's an amazing set!! I love this kind of sets!


    My blog -> Marie loves heels

  4. I love the way they are packaged!

  5. I like the range of brushes you get in the set :) Kind of reminds me of the sigma brush sets that you get. I adore the colour as my favourite colour is green hehe :) It's great that the quality of them are good and they are easy to clean and dry without it shedding like crazy. Thanks for sharing and it is always best to have a vast range of brushes to use for make-up :) Theres never too many make up brushes you can have xxx

  6. These even LOOK soft, they're gorgeous.

  7. These look amazing :) I love that they're cruelty free too :)


  8. Love this post! Esp. the colors of brushes! love green!

  9. These look fab! I love the colour of them too x

  10. so vegan, so natural and so fresh! Thanks for the review. :)

  11. I love the look of these! I love the colour of them too. Looks like the perfect brush set

  12. I love green:) Looks like a great kit!

  13. thanks hunny for doing a review on these !! i was telling you i'm looking on getting them with I go to IMATS ! That crease brush looks amazing!!

  14. awesome...
    and the color is so
    thank you for sharing...:)

  15. OMG I need these brushes. They are so beautiful.

    Much Love: If you fancy a nosey. I am collecting buttons too, so if you would like me to add yours - let me know. xx


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