Thursday, 20 September 2012


Hi everyone!
I love having full, long and gorgeous lashes, but unfortunately my natural lashes are not amazing.
That's exactly why I love fake lashes! I remember my first experience with falsies... omg! It was a disaster. I ordered a set of 10 pairs from Hong-Kong for 99p and they were the cheapest thing ever! I felt very uncomfortable wearing them and they actually distracted my vision!
After that fiasco, I done some research and found Eylure and Eldora lashes. Oh my... What a difference! They are amazing! Today I am reviewing a gorgeous pair of lashes from Eldora, my current favourite brand when it comes to falsies!

 ELDORA human hair lashes £4.25 free delivery H105 link

I am in love with this pair of lashes! They are light as a feather and I can't feel them on my eyelids at all. This design is very flattering. The lashes are long and thick and a perfect size for my eyes. The application is very easy and the glue is really strong. They cost only £4.25 but the quality is amazing! The lashes are placed on a thin white strip to give a natural effect and as you can see on the pictures below, the white strip is visible once the lashes are glued on. You can easily hide the white bits, by painting them with a black liquid liner. I did it on my left eye (right on the photos) to show you the difference. The lashes are reusable and I normally use them 5 times before getting a new pair.

What are your favourite lashes?


  1. They look lovely and sound a lot better than the cheep and nasty ones. I am yet to try false lashes, i really want too and actually have a set up stairs but if im completely honest I'm a bit scared to try them haha x

  2. FINALLY they're in the UK. They really suit you, not to OTT xx

  3. WOW these look amazing, i love them!

    Sophierosehearts x

  4. I love velour lashes - real mink fur from live minks which is kind of creepy, but by far best I've tried!

  5. I love the invisiband lashes they look so natural, I haven't heard of eldora before xx

  6. Oooh these look gorgeous, I want to try!

  7. I love Eldora lashes too! the most natural feeling lashes ever.
    I like wearing them, because my natural lashes are so short and light. Ugh. Or I wear like one billion coats of mascara :D
    Lovely post!

    xo Deja
    Deja Zu

  8. They look lovely. I like Pazzery Bouffard lashes. They are so comfortable. I wish I could wear lashes everyday but I just don't have enough time. These are lovely though :) xx

  9. Just WOW, and your application is flawless, they look like they are natural. <3

  10. wow they look lovely! i've been looking for a good pair but always find them too heavy for normal day looks, do you know if these are stocked in any highstreet shops like boots? x


  11. They look amazing on you! I am always a bit scared at using fake lashes, I am lucky in that I have pretty long natural lashes so I don't want anything to ruin them. These do look lovely tho!

  12. Those look great but your lower lashes are perfect. I don't see how you put mascara on like that.
    I use to use the separate lashes and place about three of them on my outter lid. I like the effect especially with cat eye eyeliner.

  13. I'm rubbish at putting them on so don't really ever wear them. I guess trying different brands might improve my falsies experience...

  14. I really like false eyelashes and the effect they give you, but I can never have the patience to put them on, they're so fiddly and I'm very impatient! :)
    Daniella x

  15. I've never tried false lashes before but I'm definitely considering buying these to try them out! xx

  16. ooh these actually look really nice and less obviously fake like some of the others out there. Are they fairly easy to apply? I agree they look better with the black eyeliner over the top, but are a fabulous price


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