Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Hi everyone. 

After posting a picture of Essie nail polishes for £1.99 each on Instagram and Twitter I got tons of emails and messages asking me where to get them so cheap. Well... the credit goes to Tereza from Cityscape Bliss and she credits Lydia from Lydia Sparkles. Ok, I credited everybody involved in this bargain haunt (that I know of) :)
A big, big thank you goes to Tereza and Lydia for sharing their bargains with me :)

As soon as I heard about this BARGAIN,  I went to and ordered 8 bottles of Essie polishes. I already own a couple of bottles and I loved the formula, so I didn't think twice.
I received my package today and I am very happy with the quality, so I ordered another six bottles :)
I know... I went a bit crazy, but I am in love with ESSIE! All the colours are lovely and need 1 or two coats to give an opaque finish. AMAZING!
To make your life easier, I swatched all the ones I got in my first order and I will probably do some NOTD posts soon as well. If you are unsure about the shades, google them and you will see loads of swatches. That's what I did before placing my order.

The delivery is £1.99 for second class and £2.99 for first class.

Here is what I got:

L-R: Ridge filler, Lady Like , To Buy Or Not To Buy, Carry On, Bangle Jangle, Brooch The Subject, A Crewed Interest,Very Structured.

 L-R: Bangle Jangle, Lady Like, Carry On, Very Structured, Brooch the Subject

L-R: A Crewed Interest, Lady Like, Bangle Jangle, To Buy Or Not To Buy, Brooch the Subject


  1. I want all these nail polishes for sure!)))) Beautiful colors!

  2. Fragrance Direct and a few others always have a bunch of great offers! I was gonna get some of these too but my nails are rubbish so didn't bother :(

  3. Tereza sent me there too! But now I have some lovely colours, I WANT SOME MORE. It's terrible. Oh well, nail polish is a necessity, right?!

  4. AH men. If only envy could kill someone I would have died already at the sight of your Essie nailpolishes for a measly £1.99? Say wha? I need these in my life like a second ago. :)

  5. They also have 7% cash back through quidco so makes them even cheaper!! :) x

  6. Thank you for mentioning me :) I have 2 more to pick up from the post office at the weekend, just can't stop buying them as they're such a bargain! Lovely swatches xx

  7. i got some of these too (haul here - ) can't believe theyre only £1.99, theyre even cheaper than barry m at this rate :D x

  8. loving your collection

  9. I would be in Heaven to find Essie that cheap:)

  10. waow love all of them <3

    Following u ^-^
    My recent post
    Shopping with !!!

  11. They are all so pretty, i loooove Essie!

  12. oooh! I need to check this out! Great deal! xo

  13. Carry On is such a pretty colour. I had a look again tonight on the website but it seems all the coloured polishes are gone now! xo

  14. Hi,
    The colors are awesome/pretty and the price is very reasonable. Thanks for the sharing..:)
    Skin Repair

  15. AMAZING, gorgeous colours too :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  16. amazing post :D x

  17. Aw I missed out they have hardly any shades left :(! They do Revlon enamel for 0.99p!!? Surely these are fake or something?!


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