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ARK SKINCARE: Age Prepare Skin Purifying Masque and Clearing SkinResponse Serum review

I have been trying out two ARK  skincare products and I am quite impressed with both of them.
I received the Age Prepare Purifying Mask and Clearing Skin Response Serum.
ARK Age Aware Skincare introduces a revolutionary way to look at skin defined by your skin’s changing needs as you age rather than by skin type.  "Age appropriate" products are divided into 3 age-related categories: age prepare (Teens to early 30s), age maintain (Mid 30s to 50) and age repair (50s and beyond). I really like the idea of creating skincare appropriate for our age and the products I've been using worked really well for me. 

"For congested skin our purifying masque is ideal. A marvellous multi-tasker, it absorbs excess oil, reduces the size of pores and diminishes blemishes. Skin is left feeling calm and clear. Drama over."

I love face masks and I use them every day or every second day. They always make my face look more radiant and fresh and make me feel good. I was very excited to try Ark's Prepare Skin Purifying Masque. I love clay based masks, because they are perfect for my skin type and my age.
My skin isn't at it's best at the moment and I am doing everything to control the situation. I am getting quite a lot of breakouts and I am more on the oily side. I always had normal/combination skin, but at the moment it feels like my skin is going through some major changes and not looking good at all.

I use the mask every second day and it helped with reducing the irritation and redness. It does exactly "what it says on the tin" and calms and clears my skin. Some masks I use leave my skin a bit red, but this one leaves my face looking very fresh and clear and after a couple of uses I noticed a massive difference. My pores are under control and my skin feels less clogged.
I apply a thin layer of the mask onto my face after cleansing, leave it on for 10 minutes and wash off with warm water. It dries totally after a couple of minutes, but it is really easy to remove.
Overall, it is a really good face mask, worth trying if your skin feels congested.
"This serum draws out impurities and tightens pores with a blend of sebum regulating botanicals and the astringent properties of Margosa Leaf. Minimises the appearance of breakouts and skin congestion. Maintains normal sebum secretion and diminishes the look of shiny skin. Reduces the appearance of redness and itching caused by oil build-up and skin irritation."

Serums are my favourite skincare products and I really enjoy using them. I have been using serums for normal skin for the past few years, but after a sudden wave of breakouts  and excess sebum I switched to ARK Clearing Skin Response Serum.
Just like the masque, the serum is perfect for congested skin and helps to reduce the appearance of redness and enlarged pores, minimises breakouts and prevents them. It is very light and absorbs quickly, leaving no residue. It makes my skin feel less oily instantly and the effect lasts all day. I use it twice a day and I adore it. Most of the time I use it on it's own and skip moisturising, unless I feel like my skin needs a bit more moisture. I am really happy with the results and would definitely repurchase this product. It is a bit pricey, retailing at £39, but  I paid this amount of money for other serums before and longs it keeps my skin happy- I will buy another bottle.


  1. I like the idea of separating products into age categories as well, as skin evolves and changes over time! Love the packaging on these too >.<
    Thanks for sharing Sandra!

    xx Veronica

  2. Great post Sandra. I really enjoyed using these products too. I love how the mask does dry hard and crack. It feels lovely on the skin and really works. It makes the skin so smooth, it's a shame to take it off lol.
    Did you try mixing the two together? X

    1. I love the way the mask feels on my face. I haven't tried them together yet, I will do it tonight, thanks for the tip Andy! xo

  3. I really like the sound of these,they sound perfect for my oily skin x

  4. Never heard of them but they sound great!


  5. I wanna try this mask! My skin always feels congested and oily!


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