Review: MUA lipstick in shade 3

Hi everyone!
I finally received my MUA order. It took ages to arrive, because the demand was really high with the 25% off code and free delivery a couple of weeks ago.  I ordered 6 shades, but I only  received 4 :(
Anyway, I am very happy that I gave MUA a chance. I am in love with the consistency of all the lipsticks, they are very creamy, moisturising and very pigmented! I cannot believe they cost £1 each!!! I paid 75p for each lippy with the promotional code. AMAZING!
The packaging is simple and sturdy, although all 4 lipsticks are different sizes... weird, isn't it?
They are from the same collection, so I would expect them to be the same size.

The shade I am reviewing today is shade 3- I wish MUA named the shades with some quirky names, it would make a big difference. Shade 3 is a bright and warm fuchsia pink. I am in love with it!
It goes beautifully with my olive skin tone, but would also suit pale complexions.
The lasting power isn't amazing, but I don't mind, the colour fades evenly.
As soon as you get a chance, try MUA lipsticks, you can't go wrong, they cost £1!

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