AD (guest post): Springtime Cleaning Blues


The frost is off the ground in the mornings and the wet paw and footprints are about to be replaced with the return of the dreaded muddy prints. That means your wooden floors, carpets, rugs and tiles are about to become the bane of your existence and one of the biggest downers of the changing of the seasons. Your kids won't always remember to wipe their feet or take their shoes off and those clothes, wipes, mops and sponges are about to join the rest of the rubbish on a daily basis.

With the changing of the seasons maybe it's time for a changing of the guard when it comes to your home.

Vinyl Flooring

The problem with carpet and hardwood flooring is it is such a pain to keep clean and not dull the colour over time.

One option that could eliminate the stress and fuss could be to have lowest price Amtico flooring or even Amtico Signature put in place instead of your existing floor. Vinyl flooring has admittedly come on leaps and bounds since its first incarnation which was somewhat flimsy, with it now manufactured to a degree where it is a hotly recommended product by interior designers for homes with heavy foot traffic.

The reason it works as a substitute is that it has properties that make it easy to clean via a quick mop or sweeping with a brush, and unlike carpet does not require various specialist chemicals to work out stains. This is due to a tough anti-stain guard, meaning a quick clean up after your pets or children is all that is required, and no lasting trace of mud or water will leave a lasting imprint for years to come.

If you want wooden flooring then vinyl can provide a great replication through luxury wood effect vinyl flooring planks and tiles.

Get Shut of Heavy Mop Use

The other thing that generally does not help the floor is heavy mopping which leaves left over water that goes between your skirting boards and flooring.

You could start with getting a kinder mop option that wrings water out properly such as a sponge based product with disposable heads. They work to not leave bigger puddles of water than you need to towel up to prevent floor damage.

If you choose vinyl flooring you are afforded a greater degree of waterproofing, but larger puddles can cause more damage if left unattended and cleaned. 

When choosing safe and long lasting options for your home with season change on your mind, cheapest price Amtico flooring in the UK and easier lightweight cleaning products go a long way to preventing a catastrophe in the home cleanliness.

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