Valentine's Day in lockdown (AD/gifted)

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Let's be honest... Valentine's Day during a global pandemic is not something I ever thought I would experience, but we've now celebrated birthdays, our 10 year anniversary and more during lockdown, so I'm used to it at this point, haha. I actually love Valentine's Day, even more now as a mum, because I always prepare a fun Valentine's Day breakfast for the kids too, pancakes, heart shaped toppings and lots of fresh cream, hot chocolates and cute decorations everywhere. This year the plan is the same and for me and Scott, it will be some lovely gin cocktails and a candlelit dinner maybe, if the kids let us, haha. I was kindly sent a few gifts from Moonpig to make our Valentine’s Day even more special and I’m really looking forward to having a low key lockdown celebration. 

I actually remember back in late 2000s,  Scott and I got each other Moonpig cards for every occasion, personalised with cheesy photos and text, I still have them all in a box and love looking back on them. They're so special! This year I am reviving this tradition and I ordered an adorable personalised Moonpig card for Scott and I think I will order some for the kids as well. 

If you're feeling fancy, you can add all sorts of gifts to your card order and I was kindly sent some gorgeous bath bombs by Miss Patisserie, a limited edition Edinburgh Gin, a beautiful bouquet of red roses and a Yankee Candle. I am not gonna lie, this all calls for a hot bubble bath with a drink in hand and I am 100% committed to the idea. Perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day, especially if you're single. Unless you hate baths... Then skip the bath and move on straight to the cocktails :) I am all about living your best life, regardless of your relationship status!

I was also sent an experience gift of an 'at home digital date night ' and I am very intrigued about the idea. Lockdown life can get very repetitive, so it's nice to make time for something different. 

What are your plans for Valentine's Day this year? Do you celebrate it?

Sandra xxx

*I was gifted these products by Moonpig


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