New in: Miu Miu MU52SS sunglasses

This post contains a gifted product/PR sample.

I have a soft spot for pretty designer sunglasses and I have quite a few pairs, but the latest addition to my collection is my favourite yet. I wasn't too sure if I would like this kind of frame, but I am a complete convert and I haven't taken the Miu Miu MU52SS* babies off my head since the day I got them.

First of all, I love the velvet case Miu Miu sunglasses come in. I don't buy leather goods anymore and I am in the process of getting rid of my Ray-Bans, as they come in leather storage, so this is ideal and it definitely makes me want to pick Miu Miu over other brands. This velvet case is so chic and pretty! You get a super soft velvet pouch too and a pink storage box. Perfect!

But let's talk about the actual sunglasses. The MU52SS are absolutely stunning! The rimless frame is quite delicate but the big pink lenses make a statement and make you look effortlessly chic! This particular pair features a gold metal frame with white detail and exposed screws at the front. There's a subtle Miu Miu logo on each side, but it's so tiny, it looks classy and not tacky at all, which can often be the case when there is a logo. I am honestly in love with these and they suit my face shape perfectly. It's an oversized frame and it's very flattering. I can see myself wearing this all Summer with every outfit. I just have to make sure to take really good care of this pair, as the frame is very delicate.

One more thing. I find this kind of frame very comfortable to wear. I tend to get headaches from big chunky sunglasses putting pressure on my head, but these are ultra light and I haven't experienced any discomfort at all.

I think I am now a Miu Miu convert and I already have my eye on another pair. 

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*gifted item/PR sample

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