Sönd Clean Slate Cleanser Review

I have been using the Sönd Clean Slate Cream Cleanser(Gentle Daily Cleanser)* (£22.00) for a good few months and I absolutely love it. I only ever use cream or oil cleansers for removing my makeup and this one is one of my favourites.

 Just to clarify, this cleanser used to be called the Gentle Daily Cleanser and now it's called the Clean Slate Cream Cleanser, but it's still the same formulation, just with a different name and slightly different packaging.

Onto my thoughts. I wear a lot of makeup, including heavy foundations, waterproof eyeliner, mascara etc and this cleanser does a great job at removing all traces of makeup and leaves my skin feeling clean and really soft. I always double cleanse if I wear makeup, so I use a few pumps each time with a hot flannel. It's perfect for my sensitive eyes as well, which is something I usually struggle with with many cleansers. This one doesn't irritate my eyes and feels very soothing. The texture is light and creamy and it doesn't strip the skin. I feel like it locks the moisture in actually. Fab!

The ingredients include Shea Butter (to help nourish, moisturise and sooth inflammation), Cocoa Butter (fighting off free radical damage to the skin), Chamomile Extract (soothes, reduces breakouts and minor scars), Marigold Extract (anti-inflammatory, helps with skin repair).

Overall, it's a lovely cleanser and I adore the brand and their products. The old range (which I was obsessed with) is still available here, just in case you still want to buy it.

Where to buy: www.sondskin.co.uk

*PR sample

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