Jurassic Kingdom and Tea-Rex Party (Glasgow Botanic Gardens)

Keeping a 6 year old amused is becoming harder and harder, as he finds a lot of stuff boring, so I was really keen to take him to the Jurassic Kingdom at Glasgow Botanic Gardens to see some real size dinosaurs and attend an opening party with a special guest Dr Neil Clark, the Hunterian Museum’s Curator of Palaeontology.

We started with an afternoon tea and some great insights from Dr Neil Clark who told us all about Scottish dinosaurs ans showed us some pretty cool dinosaur parts! 

We even got to hold a real dinosaur bone! How cool is that? And dinosaur poo as well, hahaha. It looked like a rock, so we didn't know it was a poo.

After the afternoon tea, we set  off to see the dinosaurs! Zac was soooo excited!

 The event was sold out for Saturday, so it was super busy and we didn't get to take pictures at every prop, but it was still cool and very interesting to see it all. I would recommend going during the week, so it will be less busy.

 There were 30 full scale dinosaurs in total with snarling jaws, moving eyes, swaying tails and roaring sound effects. Absolutely amazing! Zac actually asked me if they were real! I said yes at first, but then he got a little fright so I had to say that they were fake. Bless him. 

 I am glad we didn't take Mia, as it was too busy and very muddy as well (it was raining earlier) and she would have ended up rolling around in mud, taking tantrums. Terrible twos... (will it ever end?). We had a pretty relaxing time instead with our well behaved 6 year old and she enjoyed spending time with nana and her cousins.

 Shortly after I took this photo, the dinosaur roared loudly  and Zac got a fright. Ooops.

 So many different dinosaurs to see! 

 Zac's favourite dinosaur is Triceratops and he was really happy to see a real size one.

 One happy boy!

 This was really creepy, as the dinosaurs were moving so it looked like they were actually eating the big one!

 There was loads of trucks and little stalls with food and toys etc. I couldn't say no to a triceratops toy for Zachary. 

Zachary really enjoyed the dinosaur themed afternoon and I must admit, I found it pretty cool too. The event runs till the 10th of September and you can find out more here: www.jurassickingdom.uk/glasgow/

I would definitely recommend it, if you have a kid who loves dinosaurs, but any kid would enjoy it regardless. Unless they are going through terrible twos, like Mia :) Haha.

Sandra xxx

*we were invited to the event free of charge

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