TRAVEL: Emma Bridgewater Factory Tour

Last but not least... I am sharing part 3 of my Emma Bridgewater experience - the factory tour! We have booked it separately, as the day packages were all sold out on the date I wanted and at a cost of £2.50 per person which is then redeemable against factory shop purchases - it is the most amazing deal!

The factory tour starts in the seconds shop, at a little desk where someone will take your name and give you your lanyard - I got pink hearts - yay! Once everyone in your group (max 10 people) arrives, you will be greeted by your tour guide and taken to the factory.

As soon as you walk in, you will be in a different world! It's amazing to see how the pottery is made from start to finish and how much goes into every piece. 

All of these little bits and pieces will be reused and made into new pottery.

Here are some items that need smoothing the edges etc.

And that's how the plates are made!

Inside each of these moulds, there's a 1/2 pint mug!

And that's how it looks like freshly made.

If you've never worked in a factory, you might be a bit overwhelmed. I have worked in a big factory before (on McVities Hobnobs-fun fact, eh?) so this was exactly what I was expecting.

Here's one of the large bowls being made.

The cute hens!
And here comes the most exciting part (for me anyway), the actual decorating of the pieces etc. Seeing loads of  beautiful mugs being made or the finished ones sitting there is like Christmas! I just wish I could take it all home!

Just look at these beauties! I soooo want a teapot in this pattern!

A little doggy! One day I will have one!

Can't wait to be able to buy this mug!

Here are all the personalised pieces, waiting to be dispatched.

And here's two personalised pieces that caught my attention! They clearly have quotes from FRIENDS on them and I was telling my husband about it when I noticed it. A few weeks later, I was casually browsing instagram and I saw this mug! What are the chances! That's how I found Julie! She has a massive collection of FRIENDS themed Emma Bridgewater pottery. Find her page here. You will love her account!

How pretty are these, just waiting to be fired!

I want a Mama Bear mug so bad!!!

Hurry up EB, release these!

Such a pretty pattern.

My favourite pattern - wallflower.

Some polka dot love!

Little sneak peek at Christmas pieces! So beautiful!

More wallflower!

Wallflower mugs in progress.

These pieces didn't make it.

RIP Wallflower mug

Just look at all the detail on these hand stamped beauties!

Beautiful dogs being stamped.

 And gorgeous wallflower french bowls.

Look at the detail on the stamps! These are all hand cut in the factory!

How beautiful are these!?

The tour lasted for 40 minutes (1 hour max) and took us through the full process from start to finish. We had the loveliest guide and it was an amazing experience. My favourite part was the bit where the pottery is being stamped, but seeing it taking shape was very interesting too. And you get to see all the pieces which aren't available yet, which is something EB fans will appreciate. 

I absolutely loved every minute of it and it was worth the 4 hour drive each way.

You can book the tour here:

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Sandra xxx

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