Parenting: SmarTrike 5 in 1 Infinity Review

As Mia was turning 2 years old this month, I thought it would be a good idea to get her a SmarTrike*(£99.00). We opted for the purple one as it is not too girly (I try to avoid pink) and I could possibly use it with a boy in the future. But let's talk about the fun stuff!

The SmarTrike came in a big box and it had to be put together, but it was super easy and only took me about 15 minutes. It all clicks into place and then some bits have to be screwed in. Seriously simple and the instructions explain it all really well.

The SmarTrike 5-in-1 Recliner Infinity features five unique stages:

Stage 1 - Reclining Seat: 10 months, allows naps in high backed reclining seat with safety bar
Stage 2 - Stroller Mode: 10 months+, sitting upright and using the footrest
Stage 3 - Guided Trike: 18 months+, time to remove the safety bar
Stage 4 - Training Trike: 24 months+,  learning to pedal by themselves
Stage 5 - Classic Trike: 30 months+, time to remove the parent handle and ride independently.

The trike comes with a big storage bag at the back and a little pocket on the handle for keeping your phone and keys etc. I love a lot of storage space, so this is a big plus!

The parent handle is very easy to adjust with a click of a button.

Perfect for keeping my phone and keys! I love the colour of the fabric as well.

There is also a little play phone attached to the front for some extra fun for your toddler and a cup holder to keep their water bottle in.

You can keep the pedals down or fold them up if your toddler wants to just rest their feet on the foot rests. Mia likes switching between the two.

Other features include:

-a 3 point harness with shoulder pads and safety bar
 -large front swivel wheel for tight cornering with built-in suspension
-all wheels are dual component rubber 
-5 positions telescopic parent handle 
-touch steering parent handle
-press-out clutch on swivel wheel for freewheeling 
-premium reclining seat
-high back support
-padded soft seat cover 
-non-slip pedals
-foldable footrest
-removable hand rest protector 
-Extendable, UV-blocking material canopy 

Once I figured it all out, I found the SmarTrike easy to steer and have been taking it to the shops with us. We also tried taking it to the park, but Mia just wants to run around in the park, so it's been a bit hectic. She's a stubborn little lady!

Overall, we love the SmarTrike and it has been great at making Mia feel more independent. She is a little daredevil so I am sure she will be using it all by herself soon, as she's very keen on pedalling. I just wish we got it sooner! I would say that 12 months would be the perfect age to start!

You can buy the SmarTrike from many stockists including, etc.

Sandra xxx

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