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As my little boy isn't so little anymore, we decided to upgrade him to a proper full size single bed, instead of a junior one. We've had a bit of drama with the logistics of the switch though and haven't received the bed yet, so we are using the fab Simba mattress* without a base and Zac is absolutely loving it! His exact words were ' it is sooooo comfy mummy! Can I keep it forever?'. 

 New generation mattresses come boxed, right? Less hassle and so much easier to get upstairs. The Simba mattress is designed and manufactured in the UK and delivered straight to your doorstep. We opted for the single one and it arrived rolled up inside this huge box.

 All you have to do is pull it out of the box, place it where you want it, get the packaging off and watch it unroll and expand. Magic!

 Now onto the juicy details! Simba is a hybrid mattress, which is ideal for those who need something in between - not too hard, not too soft, just perfect. My husband has been complaining  that our foam mattress is too soft for him, so he is a bit jealous of Zachary's new amazing Simba! 

Simba features five luxurious layers and promises to be the perfect fit for your body.
The layers include:

-a hypoallergenic air flow sleep surface to provide freshness and temperature control
-a comfort layer for cool gentle support,
-a unique spring layer with 2,500 patented conical pocket springs inside which move horizontally & vertically 
-a layer of Visco memory foam to mould to your body shape 
- and a support base with 7 different zones

The Simba mattress has been through a lot of testing to make sure it is the best quality possible and if you decide to treat yourself to one of these, you get a '100 Night Sleep Trial ' to give yourself and your body time to decide if it's the right fit. Or you can pop into John Lewis to test it out!

Zac absolutely adores it!  Just look at that little foot. Soon his feet will be bigger than mine and I just can't cope with it! Best bit, Zachary can jump his little heart out as the mattress is on the floor and we don't have to worry about breaking the bed, haha.

I am all about making sure my kids get a good sleep, so I am very pleased that Zachary loves his new Simba mattress. I must admit... I will be sneaking into his room for a cheeky nap asap! It is sooo sooo comfy! 

You can order the Simba mattress from www.simbasleep.com and from John Lewis.

*PR sample

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