6 Inventive Ways To Add Some Oomph To Your Outdoor Seating Areas

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Improving your outdoor seating areas can feel challenging. However, if you adopt a smart approach, it is much simpler than you might think. Plus, you’ll finally want to spend more time enjoying your outdoor space!

Add Separate Zones

The first step is to create separate zones, designed for doing different things, just like inside the house. Imagine your garden is an open-plan kitchen-diner-living room where everything has to be distinct yet fit side-by-side. 

Plan a mixture of canopies, rugs, patio, and lawn areas for your outdoor space. Ensure each zone has a purpose, such as reading, eating, and perhaps bird spotting. 

Create Your Shade

The next step is to go ahead and create your shade and shelter. Protecting yourself from the elements is essential for making your garden a functional space you want to use just like home interiors. 

When it comes to shade, you have numerous options. If you have a lot of space, you might want to try several different types of overhead covers, such as pergolas, gazebos, awnings and large umbrellas. Keep experimenting until you find a combination that works for you. 

For instance, pergolas are excellent for hot days when you want to protect the top of your head and face from direct sunlight. However, awnings are better in winter when you need somewhere waterproof to sit while it drizzles outside. 

Add Zones

The next step is to add the zones you need to enjoy life outdoors in your garden. You can leave it open plan or use exterior cladding to mark the boundaries between different areas. You can also use walls and fencing to create intimate oases where you can lounge and enjoy yourself while the world goes by outside. 

Add Seating

Next, add your seating. These days you can get products that function just like regular interior seating, providing you with the all-day comfort you’ll love. Ensure you select options that suit the size and style of your space so that you have sufficient room to walk around. 

Don’t be afraid to add loungers and recliners if you live in a sunny area. You can equip these with outdoor cushions and pillows that won’t go bad in the rain. 

You can also get stools and even Adirondack chairs to give your exterior areas a different feel or set them up for varied purposes. For example, you might want to build a bar or have somewhere people can sit on a small platform, overlooking a particular garden feature. 

Make It Warm

Don’t forget to go to extra lengths to make your outdoor seating areas warm. Avoid relying solely on unpredictable weather to make going out in the evenings and winter worthwhile. 

These days, there are plenty of warming products on the market, ranging from infrared heaters to fire pits. Choose one that suits your existing landscaping and properties. 

Add Lights

The final step is to add lighting to create a magical atmosphere for your outdoor space. Add lights on the ground so people can see where they are going and fairy lights around any awnings or gazebos. 


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