Mathmos Neo Lava Lamp Review & Giveaway

I love home decor and unique pieces like this Mathmos Neo Lava Lamp* always catch my eye. They are becoming more popular again and with some of the modern designs looking absolutely gorgeous, I just couldn't resist giving one a home. Just look at this copper beauty! And.... I am giving one away too! YAY!

This is the new Mathmos Neo, which comes in two colours: silver and copper and a few different options of lava as well. I have the copper base with two different bottles. One is red and one is purple with pink lava. Both are gorgeous to be honest and I am not sure which one to use now!

You simply plug the lamp in, switch it on and wait for the magic to happen. The 'lava' warms up and starts floating in the liquid and it looks pretty awesome. It takes a while for the little bits to separate and start floating, but it's worth the wait.

 The lamp comes in a box with the base and bottle separately, allowing you to pick your custom combination and you simply put the bottle in the base and secure it all with one screw. Very simple.

 Here's the back of the lamp, with the purple and pink lava inside. Lovely!

I took a photo in the dark as well, as it looks even better! 

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