Mia's Big Girl Cot (Little Green Sheep Mattress & Mattress Protector Review)

When Mia grew out of her Snuzpod (insert sad face), I decided to get her a new cot bed as the mattress in the travel cot I used for Zachary had to be replaced anyway. I opted for the simple Ikea Gulliver Cot, as you can convert it to a toddler bed easily and I liked the white wood. 

To go inside the cot, we got a fabulous Twist Natural Cot Bed Mattress*(£179.00) by The Little Green Sheep, that features two sides, suitable for two age ranges. The firm side is for babies up to 12 months and provides more support and the softer side is for kids between 1-5 years and is a bit more supple, as the SIDS risk is reduced and it's all about comfort.

The mattress is made with high quality natural materials, so you don't have to worry about any chemicals or toxins getting close to your baby.  It is also breathable and anti-dust mite, which is always a bonus. I mean.. dust mites are just gross! 

To make sure the mattress doesn't get wet when there's a leaking nappy, we also got the Organic Cot Bed Mattress Protector*(£29.95). It's 100% waterproof, but instead of being made of crinkly plastic (so annoying!), it is soft and natural. Just like the mattress, it also provides an anti-dust mite barrier. We love it! 

It can also be used as a changing mat or for potty training (not looking forward to that). I can put it on our bed as well, when we're co-sleeping if I want to prevent any accidents. 

As soon as the Snuz Designz bedding range came out, I knew I had to order the stunning Cloud Nine fitted sheet(£19.95). It's sooo, sooo lovely and worth every penny. Made with lightweight and breathable cotton, it helps to control your baby’s body temperature and it is super soft and snuggly. It fits cots and cot beds, as it stretches from 60 x 120cm to 70 x 140cm. One of my favourite baby purchases to date! Can't recommend it enough.

Sooo, has Mia been enjoying her new cot? Well... I am trying to put her in it whenever I can, but as we're still breastfeeding, which includes a couple of night time nursing sessions, we tend to co-sleep more. She does seem to enjoy being in the cot though, as she gets a longer stretch of sleep in it, which is great for both of us :) I am assuming that once she stops nursing at night, we might be back to a full nights sleep again. She used to sleep from 23.00 till 5.00 or even 6.00, but it's not the case anymore.

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