Girls Day Out Show Glasgow 2015

I was kindly invited to the Girls Day Out Show in Glasgow on Friday and I decided to go with my sister in law Terrie, as she has previously attended the event with her friends and really enjoyed it.

It was super busy and there was a lot going on, including fashion shows, half naked dancers (omg, it was hilarious!), music, drinks and of course... lots and lots of shopping! From clothes, accessories, beauty and decor, to delicious food. 

I promised myself not to spend too much as I am swamped with beauty products at the moment and I was a good girl :) I only got myself a cute bag pom pom, some yummy treats and a very intriguing hair removal gadget. 

There were plenty of brands I already know and love, including Urban Decay, Benefit, So Susan, Flamingo Candles and more.

Here's a Make Believe stand, who kindly gifted me with a very generous goodie bag full of their lovely products. Thank you so much! I can't wait to get a tan on, as I've been looking rather pale lately :)

One of the brands that really caught my eye was Barebaroque. I love temporary tattoo jewellery and they had sooo much choice. They also had a gorgeous model, who mesmerised everyone with her looks and Victoria's Secret style wings. 

Flamingo Candles Melts smelt AMAZING! Terrie couldn't resist buying a pack of 10 for only £10! Bargain!

Terrie got her lips done with glitter. It actually looked really good in a subtle peachy shade.

A lovely brand called Lil' Bubba Things and their beautiful dresses.

Soooo busy! I felt a bit anxious, but I had two drinks (they were free with the tickets btw) and some food and I was ok.

Strawberries and Marshmallows covered with lots of chocolate. HEAVEN!

I had to buy some treats for Scott too :)

More yummy treats.

Coppafeel raising breast cancer awareness with Fake Bake.

And the last and only disappointing thing - the goodie bag. So random! I realise that there were thousands of people attending and everyone got a goodie bag, so it was probably hard to organise, but everything except the nail wraps is soo random! Gluco tabs? Ariel? 

Overall, we had a great time, but it was super busy, some of the sales people were seriously pushy (don't make eye contact. or they will pick you!) and the goodie bags were just... hmmm... disappointing.

Would I go again next year? Yes, I would :) A fun day out with your girlfriends, drinks, half naked dancing guys, great food and lots of shopping.

*I was kindly sent complimentary tickets

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