Doona Accessories

As soon as I received my beautiful Doona* (review here), I had to make sure I had a matching changing bag for it. I was torn between the big All Day Bag and the Essentials Bag, but I eventually settled on the latter and ordered it from Argos. I was also kindly sent some other accessories for the Doona, so let me tell you more about them.

The Essentials Bag (£36.99) is quite small, but as the Doona itself is quite small as a pushchair, I thought it will look more in proportion attached to the front handle. It has enough space for the essentials, hence the name, so you only carry what you actually need. The colour I ordered is Storm to match my Doona and I love it. The bag features two front pockets, a back pocket (perfect for an iPad mini or the red baby health record book) and two side compartments for bottles. On the inside, there is the main space, plus one big compartment at the back, a little side pocket and a key holder/clip thingy. 

The quality of the bag is fantastic and the design is absolutely beautiful. It fits perfectly  onto the front of the Doona and you simply attach it to the handle with the special fittings. Super easy! I was worried that the bag will be to small, but so far so good and I've been able to fit everything in. I usually take 5 nappies, a packet of wipes, a change of clothes, some emergency formula and bottle (I am breastfeeding most of the time, but with Mia I never know how hungry she will be) and some other bits and bobs. I am surprised how much I can actually fit into it.

It is quite pricey considering the size, but the quality is just amazing and I am glad I bought it, because I use it all the time.

The Doona Snap-on Storage*(£24.99) is ideal for days out and it is a genius idea if you ask me. It clips onto the back of the Doona and you can access it easily whenever you want. I always put some extra blankets, snacks for Zachary and my SLR in it when we're going to the park etc. It has two zips, a mesh at the front and holds up to 3kg of stuff.

(clips on and off easily)

The Vehicle Seat protector actually comes with the Doona as a free extra, as far as I can remember and it is very handy if you don't have the iso-fix base. I don't have to use it in our car as the base protects the seats, but you can take it with you if you're on the go and don't want to leave a mess in a taxi or on your friend's seat :)

What I love about the Doona Rain Cover* (£19.99) the most is the zip front that gives you easy access to your baby. It is also very easy to put on, with little clips that just snap into place. It also features side ventilation wholes and comes in a little bag to store it in. It's the best rain cover I have used so far, but I personally think it should come free with the Doona, as other brands usually offer free rain covers.

The Doona Isofix Base* (£99.99) is an absolute lifesaver and an essential in my opinion. It makes my life so much easier. The seat just clips into it with one click and you're ready to go. Same with taking the sear out, sooo soo easy! Plus it's safer for the baby than just a seatbelt.

I love all the Doona accessories and I am planning to buy the sunshade extension for Spring as well. There are other bits and bobs you can buy for the Doona, including wheel covers, a travel bag and an insect net, but I think I can survive without these.

*pr sample

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