Doona Car Seat/Stroller review

When it comes to reviews, I always try to find pros and cons and I also try not too come across as an overexcited toddler, haha :) But... with the Doona infant car seat/pushchair*, I just want to scream: OMG! I LOVE IT! Everyone needs one! What is this magic and why didn't I have one for Zachary? Seriously - it is life changing and I am not exaggerating! Just have a look at the gif below and if you are a parent, you will know what I mean.

See, it's absolutely incredible! The reactions from family and random people in supermarkets etc speak volumes too. Everyone is amazed with the design and the idea behind Doona. Now let me tell you more about it and why I fell in love with it.

I've had my eye on the Doona for a while and I was planning to buy it for Mia, so imagine my excitement when I was offered one to review on the blog. I was overwhelmed and simply couldn't wait to have it in my life! 

As you can see, it is simply world's first car seat with integrated wheels. AMAZING!

The design is very sleek and elegant, with pops of yellow on the wheels. There are 5 colours too choose from in total: Black, Grey, Beige, Blue and Red. I've also seen green and fuchsia on some websites, but I don't think these are readily available. Plenty of choice anyway. I opted for the storm grey, as it is absolutely gorgeous!

 Doona is suitable from Birth to approximately 15 Months. The maximum user weight is 13kg. Unless your baby is super heavy, you will get at least a full year of use out of it. 

Doona is larger than most infant car seats, which means that your baby will remain in the safest form of car seat for longer. I had a big Britax car seat (old model) for Zachary and it was the same size as Doona and it lasted us for 14 months, which was amazing. I hope I get to enjoy the Doona for just as long.

The seat comes with a lovely and soft inner cushion made from Bamboo Charcoal fibre, which is anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and humidity and thermal regulating. It is perfect for newborns, as it provides extra protection and comfort. Mia loves it, as it makes her feel super cosy and snug as a bug. She is a big girl, so she will soon grow out of the insert, but I am sure the seat will be comfy without it too. 

The design features a chassis suspension to ensure a smoother ride and swivel wheels that make manoeuvring the pushchair effortless. You can easily control it with one hand - it's incredible! It also has a rocking function, perfect for little screamers like Mia :) haha. 

The one touch brake is super easy to use. You press green to go and red to stop.

The lever at the back of the Doona is responsible for transforming the car seat into a pushchair and vice versa. You simply lift it to release the wheels and they pop out. Don't worry, it won't wake your baby up. To convert it back into a car seat, you apply the break, tilt the car seat forward a bit, lift the button/lever at the back and the wheels will pop back into their original position. It's very simple, especially once you get used to it. 

The handle features three positions and two height options - one for adults and one for kids. It is an amazing feature and my 4 year old son loves it, as he can comfortably push Mia in the pushchair (in the park or in a supermarket) and be my little helper. All you have to do to adjust the height of the handle is push in the white button. and pull the handle out/push it in.

The 3- point seat belt is very easy to use, but I know that some babies don't like how wide the part in between the legs is. Mia doesn't mind it and I don't see a problem with it. There are also seat belt protectors included to make sure baby is as comfortable and as safe as possible

Doona is obviously a very safe car seat/stroller and the design complies with the highest safety standards.You can read more about the safety of it here.  I am using mine with the ISO-fix base, but it can also be secured with a seat belt. I will talk more about the base in an upcoming post.

£299 might seem a bit expensive for a car seat, but remember that it is also a stroller and it is made with the highest quality materials and it really is a life-changing product. It is worth every penny! Also, some car seats are more expensive and they don't even come with wheels.

The biggest advantage of the Doona compared to other travel systems is the fact that it transforms into a stroller with a click of a button. It saves a lot of hassle and time. You take it out of the car, pop the wheels out and you're re ready to go. It's ideal for quick daily tasks like getting groceries, picking your other child up from nursery, a quick stroll in the park, sending things at the post office, getting petrol etc.

You can also easily take it on the bus without annoying other commuters (apparently people hate mums with strollers) or asking for help to actually get on a bus with a massive travel system. I have never been on a bus with a baby, but I am assuming that it's a hassle.

Quick coffee date or a quick lunch are made easier too, as you don't take up half a restaurant with your stroller. We've all been there, haha :)

Also - imagine how handy it will be when you're travelling on a plane. Oh my! From taking a taxi to the airport, to handing in the car seat before boarding the plane, your baby will be safe and you will be saving space and your poor arms. No need to rent a car seat abroad either. Fantastic!

The only con is the weight of the Doona. It is heavier than a normal car seat. I wasn't allowed to lift it for 6 weeks due to my c-section, but I can do it easily now. Also, just like other car seats, you should only keep your baby in it for a certain amount of time.

I included even more pictures to show you the beautiful design. Enjoy :)

Overall, I can't recommend the Doona enough and I really, really mean it. I love the innovative design, the freedom it gives me and the idea behind it is pure genius!!!

If you are expecting or have a newborn, you need it in your life!

See it in action below:

You can buy the Doona from and other stockists.

PS. I will be reviewing the accessories separately and I am also going to share some of my  #doonamoments with you :)

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