Sage the Boss by Heston Blumenthal (review)

As a huge Vitamix fan, I never expected to find something equally good, or even better. Well... I was wrong! As soon as the Sage the Boss by Heston Blumenthal* (£499.95) landed on my doorstep, I fell in love with it. From the sleek design to all the amazing functions - it is simply incredible!

Like all high end, professional blenders, the Boss comes with an eye watering price tag, but... if you are the kind of person who is willing to invest in good quality kitchen equipment, you will know that this baby will last you FOREVER. It's a one-off purchase and it is much more than just a smoothie maker.

Just like the Vitamix, the Boss also makes hot soups, frozen desserts, nut butters, nut milks and even flour, but... all in one jug! Yep! (no need for a special jug to make flour). All that with a touch of a button. I don't want to get into too much detail and compare every aspect of the Boss to my Vitamix, but let's just say that I absolutely love the fact that the Boss has a little LCD screen. It is such a great feature! 

The design of the Boss is gorgeous and I just love the feel of it. From the finish and the materials used, to the little touches like buttons and the lid. It has been designed beautifully and it looks amazing in my kitchen. 

It's not all about the look though, so let's talk about the features. Here are the most important ones:

-3 Horse Power Motor 
-Pro Kinetix Contoured Blade and Bowl System 
-Large Back Lit LCD Screen 
-2L commercial grade Triton jug 
-Variable 12 Speed Control 
-5 Pre-set Functions + autoclean mode

The biggest difference between using  pro-blender and a cheaper alternative is in the final texture of whatever you are making. Smoothies and soups have never been silkier and I don't have to worry about the blades breaking when I am crushing ice or making frozen desserts. This baby was made to work on high speeds with really though ingredients. 

The 2 litre jug is made with BPA free material called Tritan, which is impact resistant, shatter proof and dishwasher safe. No need to worry about it exploding in your kitchen while you're making your banana ice-cream. Products made with Tritan are very durable, so your gorgeous blender jug will stay clear and won't have any ugly scratches on the inside - yay!

Cleaning? You add water and the tiniest bit of washing up liquid and press auto-clean. Done! Most of the time, hot water on it's own will to the trick though.

The Boss comes with two accessories: a Scraper to push food down from the walls, or for easily removing ingredients after blending (great for pesto) and a Frozen Dessert Wand for pushing thick foods directly into the blades (only happens with frozen desserts, like sorbets). To be honest, with most recipes and consistencies, you won't even need the scraper or wand, because the 6 blade system and unique Kinetix motion make sure that there are no food traps.

Another great feature that other blenders are  missing is very basic, but very handy - a retractable cord. You have to feed it in manually, but it is a simple feature that every appliance should have. 

You also get a recipe book in the box to get your started and I can assure you that your taste buds will be very, very happy :) I've made some smoothies, soups and other delicious treats and I will definitely share my favourites in a separate blog post.

And here is a quick 'how to' video I filmed.

Overall, I am super impressed with the Boss. It's a powerful, faultless blender and it actually looks amazing too - very sleek and modern. It is pricey, but soo, sooo worth it!

Available from, John Lewis, Debenhams and other stockists.

*gifted item

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