Mia's DIY newborn photoshoot

I have always loved photography, so DIY newborn photoshoots were on the cards with both of my babies :) Plus... it saved me some pennies too. If you have a digital SLR, or even an normal digital camera or and iPhone and the most simple editing software (optional), you can do it yourself! 

First of all, think about the way you want the photos to look. Do you like them very natural, possibly in babies cot etc. That's perfectly fine. Maybe a big furry rug or a cute basket with blankets? Just use your imagination.

For Zachary's photos, I used a white faux fur rug and a big blue bow and that was it. I also took lots of other gorgeous photos of him every other day, but the actual 'newborn shoot' was just the rug and a big bow to cover his boy bits :) haha.

For Mia, I went a bit cray cray on ebay :) haha. I ordered some crochet accessories and a huge tutu :) The crown was only 99p. YEP! You can buy it here. Such a simple design, but it looks really lovely.

The second item I ordered was the butterfly costume. I must admit... the hat is too big for Mia's head, but for £4.29 I can't moan. What a bargain! They have lots of other crochet outfits for newborn photos, all super cheap. I ordered the bunny too :) Couldn't resist.

The last thing was a big grey tutu and it is my favourite piece. Again, absolute bargain - just under £6.00 here. Just look at the volume of the ruffles! I love it! I think I will retake these with a grey satin bow on Mia's head soon :) You can buy the white flower headband here.

Since Mia was born 5 weeks early and spent a lot of time in the neonatal unit, I couldn't take her newborn photos when she was still super sleepy. I took them recently and she was a little devil, kicking and screaming :) haha. 

Sooo, what I am trying to say is... If you are expecting, recently had a baby or know someone who just had one, try doing a newborn baby photoshoot with some cheap ebay props and costumes. It is soo much fun! The best tip I can give you is to do it when baby is a couple of days old, as they are super sleepy and easy to photograph. Also, put a little pad under their bum to save your white blankets :) haha.

Do it next to a window with lots of natural light, or adjust your ISO to a higher setting to make the photos brighter. If they turn out a bit dull, you can always use the curves tool in Photoshop. If you are using your smartphone, there is plenty of cheap (even free) apps for photo editing.

I love how Mia's photos turned out :)

Sandra x

01 09 10