Pregnancy Update: 34 weeks and lots of complications

I seriously wasn't expecting this, but... things got a bit complicated and I have been in and out of hospital for the past week or so. Oh... Where do I even begin? I am sooo upset and exhausted, I feel like I can't cope with this pregnancy anymore, but hey... fingers crossed it all goes well despite complications.

Basically, I went for a routine check up last week with a 9.30 appointment and I was expecting to be out after 30 minutes. We even took Zachary with us, because we didn't expect any problems. Well... I had to spend the full day at the hospital, seeing lots of different people/departments and I didn't get out till 17.00!!! Most of it was just waiting around as well, in super hot waiting rooms where I felt like I was going to faint. My husband and Zachary had to leave, so I was left on my own, which makes me feel very, very anxious. 

Sooo... After my first appointment, which was over 1h late, I was told to go for a CTG where they struggled to monitor the heartbeat because they didn't know baby's position. After that... a 2.5h wait for a scan. They lost my notes... At the scan I was told baby is huge and there is a lot of water around her, so they want me to see my consultant again to discuss things. 

My random blood sugar came back high as well and they were worried I might have developed gestational diabetes. Thankfully a diabetes nurse was there and talked me through everything, gave me  a kit to test my blood 4 times a day and told me to come back for a Glucose Tolerance Test on Monday and a CTG on Saturday. I am glad that they got it all sorted in one day and took action, but I was simply exhausted and felt like I was about to die. I am absolutely MASSIVE and feel uncomfortable all the time, so sitting in waiting rooms all day is a big challenge.

On Saturday, I had my CTG (again... Zac and Scott weren't allowed in with me, odd as other women had their partners and kids with them. wtf?). Anyway... The midwife struggled to find baby's heartbeat again, but she was picking up 2 different ones around 100 bpm, so I had to get an oxygen mask in case it was baby's heartbeat and she was deprived of oxygen. I was moved to another room where a doctor came to see me with an ultrasound machine to see where baby's heart is. She found it and it was perfect, so the oxygen was unnecessary. It made me feel better though :) The worst thing about my CTG's is the fact that I have to press the little doppler thing against my bump to keep it in place, due to baby being awkward and me having lots of water etc. It made my arms sooooo sore. I could hardly move them the next day. Grrrr... I am so jealous of anyone who can just lie there, hooked up to the machine with their hands free. I was in agony! Baby was fine and they let me go home after about 2-3 hours.

I kept a food diary for 4 days and kept checking my sugar. Unfortunately, despite my healthy eating, my glucose levels were too high. That's when I knew, that I will definitely fail my GTT. Also... doing all the glucose checks is a pain in the butt and I feel really, really sorry for anyone who has to do it every day of their life. My fingers are killing me from stabbing them with needles all day.

On Monday, I went for my Glucose Tolerance Test, waited quite a bit for my turn (I was starving, due to the fasting), got my bloods taken and given the Lucozade to drink. VOOOOM! I have never had Lucozade in my life, so it was interesting. I am assuming that it tastes nicer that the glucose solution women get offered at different hospitals though. After drinking the disgusting Lucozade, I had to wait for 2 hours for the next blood test. Thankfully we were allowed to go to the car, so I wasn't bored or hot. I put some music on and opened the windows. 

After the second blood test, I was told that I have to come back the next day (today) to see lots of people again. The first thing was another scan to see how much water there is around the baby. It was quick and yep, still lots of water. After that I had my diabetic clinic and they confirmed that unfortunately, I do have gestational diabetes. Damn it! It's not what you want to hear when you are already fed up with every other aspect of your pregnancy. 

The worst thing... I was put on insulin immediately :( I am soo, soooo upset and terrified. I have never had to take any sort of medication as an adult, so it just freaks me out. I almost cried when the nurse was explaining to me how to inject myself etc. At the moment, my husband is injecting my arm, but he won't be here all the time so I will have to do it myself soon. I have to take one dose of long acting insulin in the evening and 3 doses of rapid acting insulin with each main meal. I might cry... Obviously, I still have to check glucose levels too, so it's just one needle after another. It literally takes over your life!

I was also seen by a dietitian and she was super happy with my current diet, so I don't have to make any changes, just make sure I eat carbs with every meal and don't go crazy with fruit (bye, bye watermelon). It's my 28th birthday tomorrow and I won't be having any cake :(

The worst part... My obstetrician decided that I am 100% getting a c-section, because there is too many risks involved with having a big baby, previous section and gestational diabetes. I am soo, soo upset about this, but it's all about the safety of our baby, so I have to deal with it. I don't have a date yet, but it will be about 2 weeks before my original due date. 

There are other little things I am worried about. I actually have symptoms of pre-term labour so I have to be very careful and keep and eye on everything. If the symptoms continue, I will have to get steroids and stay at the hospital for a couple of days. Fingers crossed it all calms down. 

Sooo... very eventful couple of days. I am not sure if I mentioned everything. I am going back for scans, check-up etc on Tuesday. That's all the medical stuff. In general, I am a giant whale, I look like I am having triplets, I can't sleep at night and I have horrendous heartburn after every single meal. It is killing me. I am also getting massive red patches on my face and broken vains. Fantastic.

I am not sure what's going to happen with the blog, as my life now revolves around insulin injections, glucose level testing, frequent trips to the loo and looking after an active toddler, but... I have some prior commitments, so some sort of content will be going up.

The good thing is - I will meet my baby earlier than I expected :)

Sandra xxx

01 09 10