Pregnancy update: It's a girl!

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that when we went for our 20 weeks scan, we found ot the gender of our baby and... we are having a little girl. I am soooo excited! I have always wanted a boy and a girl, so I couldn't be happier with the news. Zachary will be an awesome big brother :)

I am not going crazy with any baby girl shopping yet, as I want to confirm the gender during my 3d scan between 26-30 weeks, but I am pretty sure it is a girl, because there was nothing in between the legs on every scan we've had so far. The sonographer told us that she isn't 100% sure, but I know that they like to be cautious with telling you that it is definitely a boy/girl, because sometimes they can get it wrong. We were sure with Zachary, because we could see boy bits clearly on a 3d scan :) One thing that helped me to hold off with any baby girl shopping is the fact that my younger sister gave birth to a beautiful little girl a month ago so I just kept buying cute bits and bobs for her :) I am finally meeting her next week (my family lives in Poland, so we have to fly there to see them) and I am soooo excited!

Another little update, actually... a BIG one... I no longer have my Mummy & Baby Blog, as I merged it with The Black Pearl Blog and you can now find all of the old posts here. Just in case you are wondering how easy it is to merge two blogger blogs together - it is super simple! You just export and import the posts and you are done! It took me 2 minutes! So from now on, all my mummy and baby updates will appear here. I hope you don't mind. I just couldn't keep running 2 blogs with regular updates and I was feeling guilty about only posting once a week etc. I might do a Mummy Monday feature. 

Sandra xo

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