The Library Of Fragrance

If you are a fan of simple and unusual scents, you will love The Library Of Fragrance. I have only discovered them recently, but I am already obsessed. The idea behind the brand is to capture all the wonderful smells that surround us every day and at the moment there is over 100 scents to choose from.

To be perfectly honest, I didn't know what to choose, because most of the scents sound incredible. Some of the offerings are VERY unusual as well, but I would love to smell them all. From almond, coconut, caramel and cucumber, to baby powder, grass, dirt, snow, leather and stable! There is even play-doh and sushi! Yep... I am not even kidding! 

I picked Vanilla Ice Cream*, Marshamllow* and Gingerbread* and they are all divine! I love wearing them separately or layered together for a unique sweet scent. Oh my... I am in love! I don't have to describe the scents, do I? Reviewing fragrance has never been easier :)

You can buy The Library Of Fragrance perfumes from their website ( and Each 30ml bottle costs £15.00, but they are currently on a 2 for £25.00 offer. 

They would make amazing Christmas gifts, especially the limited edition Christmas scents, like Egg Nog and Christmas Bouquet (launching soon). I will be treating myself to both.

*PR samples.

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