Luxury Weekend Pamper with Shiffa Dubai

Long winter evenings are all about pampering. Hot baths with gorgeous oils, candles flickering in the background, a cheeky hot chocolate with extra marshmallows and some relaxing music. Heaven! Especially when you have some new luxury treats to enjoy.

I adore Shiffa's Sweetness range, so I couldn't wait to give some of their other gorgeous products a go.

To start my pamper evening, I lit the prosperity candle in the bathroom. It is a relaxing scent with notes of frankincense, patchouli, cedar wood, spicy cinnamon and saffron. It is very spa-like and helps to create a nice atmosphere.  

To make my bath feel a little bit more luxurious, I used a capful of the Soothing Body Oil. It is meant to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep while nourishing and firming the skin.  It's a mixture of nut, anti-oxidant fruit and flower extracts including bergamot, orange, frankincense, hazelnut and Tamanu. It feels very luxurious and smells incredible! I also massaged the oil allover my body after the bath and it left my skin skin feeling soft and supple.

I use hair oils when the ends of my hair feel very dry and this one is an absolute dream! It can be used as an intensive treatment allover you hair and scalp or applied just to your dry, damaged ends. You can leave it on for 30 minutes or overnight, if your hair need extra TLC. The formula is very hydrating, soothing and deeply nourishing. It helps with conditions like dandruff, psoriasis and itchiness as well. I personally get an itchy scalp sometimes, so it's perfect for me. Some of the healing ingredients include almond oil, lavender, camomile, lemon balm, sweet birch bark and bergamot. Your hair will smell amazing after each use. 

I must admit... I slept really well after my little Shiffa ritual. I felt relaxed and calm and I can't wait to do it again next weekend.

Have you tried Shiffa products? They are avilable from Space NK and Selfridges

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