Inner Me Diaries Challenge (6 week trial)

I was recently asked by Inner Me, if I want to trial their Inner Me Daily 4 Me (Younger Years For Teens & Twenties) for a period of 6 weeks and as someone who really cares about nutrition, I couldn't say no. 

The pack includes four big strips, each one containing 28 tablets/capsules (4 for each day). The strips are marked with days of the week, so it is very easy to stay on track. For each day, you get:

-a tailored multivitamin for menstruating women 
- an Omega 3 capsule 
- a Beauty Capsule for skin, hair & nails 
-Vitamin D3 2500iu

If you aren't sure where to start with vitamins and supplements, these will be perfect, as you don't have to worry about buying 4 different types of pills. You buy one pack and you are sorted for a full month.

I have been taking these for over 6 weeks now and the biggest difference I noticed was in the strength of my nails. They are naturally thin and weak, but they started to grow beautifully to a point when I had to cut them after week 4. They feel much stronger now. My hair looks better as well, with more shine and life.

I haven't noticed a difference in my skin (I am still getting tons of hormonal breakouts) or energy levels, but I have been feeling great (as per usual). For reference - my diet is full of fruit, veg, various superfoods and fish, so I am not the best example to notice dramatic changes, but... sometimes I am very busy and I miss out on nutrients, so I would rather take vitamins and supplements to keep my body happy.

Buy one month's supply of Daily 4 Me (The Younger Years) and get one month's supply free!

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