My Gallery Wall

I have been working on my gallery wall for a while. Collecting frames, prints etc. I am still unsure if I will add more bits and bobs to it, but I am happy with the way it looks at the moment. Actually... I am in love and I can't stop staring at it, haha :)

Most of the prints I picked are just cards and stickers that came with My Little Box. I love Paris and anything French, so these seemed perfect. I also created some sticker collages, drew the 'Follow Your Heart' thingy and framed a card I got for my husband and a press release from Nuxe (French again, haha).

All the white and gold frames are from BM Bargains and they were super cheap. The gold ones were on offer - 2 for £2.00 and the white ones come in a pack of three for £2.99. The Love sign is from BM as well. It was originally white with a pink heart print, but I painted it mint green to go with our main living room wall and curtains. 

My favourite frame from the full arrangement is the Dassie Zola Rustic A5 Frame* (£23.95) in light green. It is gorgeous! It was handmade from reclaimed and recycled wood in South Africa and it is 100% ecofriendly and fairtrade. I love the distressed finish and the colour goes perfectly with our living room decor. I mentioned Dassie in this home decor post as well, featuring a gorgeous little Baobab Tree. All their pieces are very unique.

To make the gallery wall a little bit more unique, my husband came up with an idea of a wooden shelf (genius!) and I put two of the gold frames on it, as well as some decorations, including flowers, polaroid style photos and small candles. The vases with flowers are from TK Maxx (£4.99 each) and I think they look gorgeous!

I am sooooo happy with the way the gallery wall turned out. What do you think?

*gifted item

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