Black Swan Halloween Makeup Look (AD)

When Fragrance Direct asked me to prepare a makeup look for their Halloween Lookbook, I couldn't wait to get creative. I was assigned the Black Swan look, which happens to be one of my favourite films ever :) Yay! Here is the final result. Yes, I realise that I look a little bit crazy :) I gave my husband a mini heart attack.

Products used: L'Oreal White Perfect Pearl Foundation*, Elf Flawless Finish Foundation, Barry M White Foundation Creme (discontinued), Charles of the Ritz Custom Blended Powder* (Soft Pink), Glo Minerals Precision Eye Pencil in Black*, L'Oreal Studio Secrets Pencil in White*, L'Oreal Gel Liner in Violet Black*, Laura Mercier Mascara, Royal Natural Look Lashes*, Royal Eye Gems*, Bobbi Brown Lip Colour in Blackberry*, Royal False Black Nails*

The Black Swan look is very, very simple and once you created your white/pale base (use white foundation or white face paint) and contoured your cheeks (I used Illamasqua Hollow), you simply apply a burgundy lipstick and start working on  the eyes. I applied a white pencil onto my waterline and along my top lashline, outlined the shape of the eyes and filled it all in with the black pencil and gel liner. You can add some white touches onto your eyebrows etc, to make it look more interesting. I also applied some mascara, false lashes and black and burgundy gems. They come on a clear strip, so you don't have to arrange them, you just stick the design onto the skin, Simple! I am wearing my hair up in a little bun and I also got my wedding tiara out, because... I have been looking for an excuse to wear it since my wedding day. All I need now is  a black ballerina outfit :)

My look will be featured on Fragrance Direct website along with 4 other Halloween options. I will let you know on Twitter once it's up :)

Do you like my Black Swan look?

*I was paid to prepare the look for FD's website, but I wasn't obligated to blog about it. 
I simply couldn't resists sharing the look with you!

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