Guest Post: Favourite MAC lipsticks / Tasha Meline

Hi there! My name is Tasha and I write for Today I will be guest posting on Sandra’s lovely blog about my top six MAC lipsticks. A very big thank you to Sandra for asking me to guest post whilst she is away! 

Before trying MAC lipsticks I wasn’t a huge lip product lover and could often be found with only lip balm on but once I had bought my first MAC lipstick, I couldn’t stop wearing them. I've only been collecting MAC lipsticks for the last five to six months but in that time they really have become my favourite so here are my top six out of my collection. 

I own quite a few MAC lipsticks and most of the shades I gravitate towards are pinks, purples and a few darker ones but if you have ever been into a MAC store and stood in front of the lipstick display you would know that they have such a huge selection of colours as well as finishes. 

Above you have six of my favourites although these exclude any limited edition shades that I own as I think it would be unfair to show them if you couldn’t get hold of them and as these are all from their permanent colours, you should have no problems. Below you’ll find arm and lip swatches and a quick description of the colours and finishes. 

Out of all of the above Peach Blossom is probably my most used as it is the one I keep in my handbag followed by Lustering as it is such a beautiful colour. 

Obviously the colours will be different on different lips and as mine are quite pigmented some of these colours may be darker or lighter than what they look like on myself but you should be able to tell the colour on my arm as I am quite a fair skinned canvas. 

Peach Blossom (Cremesheen) is a really sheer peachy pink nude. It does contain some shimmers but I don’t find they show up on my lips when applied. 

Crème Cup (Cremesheen) is a cool toned light pink and one of the best everyday nude lipsticks I own. It is a cult favourite and widely spoken about and looks beautiful on the lips. 

Lovelorn (Lustre) another blue toned pink which looks great as a quick pop of colour. This isn’t overbearing and would still work great as an everyday pink. 

Lustering (Luster) is a bright almost fuchsia coloured pink with blue undertones. This may be quite a bright pink to some but it is still very wearable and can be sheered out to a more sheer effect. In some lights it can look like a sheer pinky red but this is another shade that is very well loved. 

Plumful (Lustre) is a rosy plum and was my first MAC lipstick. It applies quite sheer but can also be built up and is great for an on the go colour because of how easy it is to apply and wear. 

Rebel (Satin) is a true deep plum and another one widely raved about. I do find this is one of the shades that look the most different on everyone as it looks quite light on me but can look very dark and vampy on some as it applies very opaque. Again this can be sheered out if you just dab it onto your lips with your fingers rather than apply from the tube and this leaves such a beautiful stain on the lips. This is such a stunning Autumn and Winter lipstick and because of the satin finish it is a lot easier to wear than their amplified formula but still has the same colour pay off. 

You will find all of these lipsticks have blue undertones as they suit my skin the best and also make teeth appear whiter. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing my top six MAC lipsticks

Tasha Meline 

01 09 10