Plus size gal wardrobe basics/essentials

I might wear dresses when I want to look girly etc, but most of the time I wear a 'mummy uniform' which consists of black leggings, a longline t-shirt or cami, a waterfall cardigan and flats. Add a topknot to that and you have my signature look, haha :) There are things in my wardrobe I simply cannot live without, so I decided to put this little list together and tell you why you need them in your life. I included some pieces from standard ranges (up to a size 18) and some from Asos Curve (18-28), as I buy from both.

Asos Longline V-neck Cami Top 2pack (£14.00)
I can't live without longline vests, camis and t-shirts. These are perfect for wearing on their own in Summer, or with a little cardigan/shirt/jacket on top when it's a bit chilly. The quality of asos ones is sooo much better than any of the cheaper camis I got for  Primark. I love the v-neck as well, because it is very flattering and makes my shoulders appear smaller :) Asos always have a massive selection of camis and vests on sale, starting at £1.50 (here)

Black Leggings (£7.99)
I have about 20 pairs of black leggings and more than 20 pairs of patterned/coloured ones. They are the best invention ever, especially for those who find trousers uncomfortable. You can wear them with anything, longs your butt is covered :) haha. There is nothing worse than someone wearing a pair of see through leggings and white pants underneath and showing it too the world. Just NO... 

Another essential for me. I like wearing a black vest dress with leggings and jeans and a shorter jumper or shirt on top. I think it looks really nice, plus it is very comfortable. I like having my base layer black, because I can pair it with many different cardigans and shirts to look different every single day :) I also wear mini bandeau dresses as tops quite often, like this one. A simple black jersey tube skirt can double up as a mini dress as well and you can get them from Primark for £5.00.

Sometimes I am sick of black, so a white or light grey tee helps me brighten my outfit. I like to wear white t-shirts with jeans, trainers, a hoodie or an oversized boyfriend cardigan. Perfect lazy day outfit.

Chiffon Blouse (£17.99)
When I want to feel more sophisticated but still very comfortable, I wear a black or khaki chiffon shirt. I have a couple of them, some with long sleeves, some with short sleeves, some with buttons on the front etc. A chiffon shirt is a classic piece and suits every age, shape and style.

I recently decided to transform a pair of black skinny jeans into an on trend ripped design and they look amazing! I have my eye on this pair though, because you can never have too many black skinny jeans, right?

What are your wardrobe staples/basics that you can't live without?

Sandra x

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