Nails Inc Spring/Summer 2014

I really like the formula of Nails Inc polishes and their Summer 2014 collection is right up my street. I love pinks and glitter top coats and I think that they are a perfect combination for a girly manicure with a bit of sparkle. They also released a fantastic latex effect formula and just like their leather effect polish - it is amazing!

This duo is my favourite from the bunch. It features a medium pink base and a multicoloured pop art top coat. The particles in the top coat are white, pastel blue, pastel pink and gold and the final effect is absolutely beautiful. 

I expected this top coat to be tricky to apply and it was, due to the big pink flowers being quite hard to get out of the bottle. I used a toothpick to get them out and place them on my nails though and it worked fine, so I am sure that anyone can do it. If you aren't good at nail art, but want a pretty, floral manicure, this top coat is for you. The pink flowers are accompanied by tiny round and straight particles, creating an interesting finish. There are other colours available.

Another winner for me! I love the colour and the different shapes and sizes of glitter. There is a mixture of metallic and matte particles and 3 thin coats give an opaque finish. I prefer using this kind of polish as a top coat on a neutral shade though. This way I only need one coat of base colour and one coat of the glitter. It looks amazing layered on top of pinks. 

You might be a bit sceptical about leather an latex effect polishes, but I can promise you - they are FABULOUS! I own two shades from the Nails Inc Leather Effect range (tan and pink) and they are stunning. The best bit - they dry in 10-20 seconds! I am serious! I apply a thin coat and it dries almost immediately. Second coat makes it opaque and I can basically leave the house in less than 2 minutes! The latex effect polish looks completely matte once it's dry and it is less 'crazy' than the leather option, but it actually feels like latex to the touch. The pastel blue is a beautiful colour and I can see myself wearing it a lot. 

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