The Bathory Personalised Bath Soak

The Bathory Personalised Bath Soak* ($30.00/£18.00)

I love baths and I often spend hours soaking in essential oils and other mystery concoctions :) haha. When I was offered a chance to create my own personalised bath soak, I couldn't say no. The process is really simple and you can order your own blend by following two easy steps.

First, you pick the salt blend. You can choose between:

BASK (packed with mineral-rich salts)
SOOTHE (hydrating oatmeal, honey and buttermilk)
DETOX (pure Epsom salts and Rhassoul clay to draw out toxins)

I exercise a lot at the moment + my skin is on the dry side, so the soothing option sounded perfect. The next step consists of picking your choice of 3 essential oils. I went for Chamomile, Lemon and Grapefruit. The bath soak also includes other oils, all listed on the front of the bag (see below), but choosing your own additions makes it more personal.

The bottle is jet black with white writing and it feels very expensive. I will use it as a vase or a brush holder in the future :) The bath soak itself is absolutely divine and I felt amazing soaking in my soothing bath after a 4 hour walk. The scent was just right and the water turned into a slightly milky colour, leaving my skin super soft and hydrated. I enjoyed every single minute of it! (I used 50% of the product for my bath.)

What can I say? I am in love with this soothing bath soak and I might treat myself to another one in the future. You can create your own blend here:

*PR sample

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