NEW PG Tips Fruit, Herbal and Green Teas

I don't really drink a lot of black tea, but when I do, I opt for PG Tips. I am a massive fan of green, herbal and fruit teas though, so imagine my excitement when I was sent a hamper full of all the new PG Tips flavours! Tea heaven! :) The fruit and herbal range is priced at £1.19 and the green teas cost £1.29 per pack of 20. 

I had a chance to try all the new flavours, including: Juicy Raspberry Green Tea, Zesty Lemon Green Tea, Pure Green Tea, Fragrant Jasmine Green Tea, Vibrant Mandarin Orange Green Tea, Refreshing Peppermint, Aromatic Spices & Mint, Juicy Red Berries, Smooth Red Bush & Vanilla and Delicate Camomile.

They are all bursting with flavours and you won't be disappointed! Just like the black PG Tips, these come in pyramid bags for easy infusion and a perfect cuppa each time.

 Aromatic Spices & Mint* 
Exotic infusion of fragrant mint, warming cinnamon, subtle orange and aromatic spices. Very warming combination, ideal for cold evenings (or mornings) when you need warming up.

Juicy Red Berries*
Caffeine-free blend of sweet raspberries and strawberries. Perfect for those who love juicy, fruity flavours.

Delicate Camomile*
I am a massive fan of camomile tea and it is my go to bedtime blend. This one contains natural Camomile flowers and it is probably the most subtle flavour from the new range.

 Vibrant Mandarin Orange Green Tea*
This blend is my favourite from all the green teas. The mandarin orange flavour is very intense and I can't get enough of it. Make sure not to brew it for too long though - it applies to all green teas.

Fragrant Jasmine Green Tea*
Very delicate, with a floral aroma of jasmine. Yummy and unique. You have to try it!

Refreshing Peppermint*
I can't live without peppermint tea! It is another all time favourite of mine.  It calms me down, helps to relief stomach ache and indigestion. Even better when it comes in a PG Tips pyramid!

Juicy Raspberry Green Tea*
A mixture of smooth green tea with a delicious hint of raspberry. Nice and fruity!

Zesty Lemon Green Tea*
Most of my green teas are lemon flavoured, but this one is definitely the best. The zesty lemon aroma is really intense, making it perfect for those who don't like pure green tea.

Pure Green Tea*
A pure blend of green teas from Kenya and Indonesia. If you love unflavoured green tea, you will really enjoy it.

 Smooth Red Bush & Vanilla*
I totally forgot top photograph this one with the rest of the teas, because it was the first flavour I tried :) It sounded amazing and it didn't disappoint. It is a caffeine free blend of Authentic South African Red Bush tea with a soft hint of vanilla. Delicious!

Top: Smooth Red Bush & Vanilla, Vibrant Mandarin Orange Green Tea.  Bottom: Delicate Camomile, Aromatic Spices & Mint.

You can buy all (or most) of the new flavours from Tesco, ASDA and Waitrose. A smaller selection is also available from Morrisons, Cooperative and Sainsbury's.

Do you love fruit, herbal or green teas? Have you tried any of the new PG Tips flavours?

*PR samples

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