Healthy, vegan banana & coconut ice cream recipe

I shared a picture of this delicious dessert on my instagram and many of you were surprised with how easy it was to make. Ice-cream  ready in 5 minutes, made with only two ingredients? Yep! It couldn't be more simple to make. All you need to prepare it are frozen bananas, desiccated coconut and a food processor.  Healthy, clean (whatever you want to call it) and... absolutely delicious!

I used 3 small frozen bananas for one BIG portion (or two small portions) of this dreamy ice cream. Remember to freeze the bananas when they are perfectly ripe and cut them into small chunks/slices. I always have a bunch of ripe bananas in the kitchen and freeze a lot of them in plastic containers or freezer bags. They are perfect for smoothies and vegan ice-cream.

1. Put your bananas in a food processor and let it do all the work for you. You can add a splash of almond or coconut milk to  make the process a bit easier, but... it will make the ice-cream melt quicker. If the mixture is sticking to the sides of the food processor, you can stop it, scrape it off and give it a little stir.

2. Once the bananas turn into super creamy-thick ice cream, add a handful of desiccated coconut, coconut flakes or even fresh coconut pieces. Give it another quick blend, form into perfect scoops with an ice-cream scoop, sprinkle with more coconut and enjoy!

You can throw the coconut into the food processor at the same time as the frozen bananas, but it might take a bit longer to turn into a smooth mixture.

-if your food processor isn't very powerful, you might want to let the bananas thaw for about 15-30 minutes, before blending.
-your food processor might shake and jump around A LOT at the beginning of the process, so make sure to hold it firmly in place. I got a fright when I first tried it.
-don't try using very small food processors for this recipe. I broke one when I first tried making banana ice-cream.

I am obsessed with this combo, but you can add anything to frozen bananas and turn it into healthy, vegan ice-cream.

Doesn't it look absolutely mouthwatering?

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