MAC Contrast Eye Makeup Look

Every time I photograph a makeup look without falsies, I think it looks a bit unfinished, but... I am giving my lashes a break, so no falsies this time :) The eye shadows I used for this look are Contrast and Nylon. I must admit, Nylon has been my most used MAC shade and it goes with so many looks. I would definitely recommend picking it up. Contrast is a stunning dark blue with purple undertones and a velvet finish and it is perfect for a dark blue smokey eye.

Like all MAC eye shadows, Contrast is easy to work with, nicely pigmented and long lasting. I applied it allover the lid (focusing on the outer corner), added Nylon in the inner corners and under the brow bone and blended it all out with MAC 217 brush. I also lined my waterline with a black pencil and smudged Contrast along the bottom lash line. I really like the transition between Nylon and Contrast - it looks grey, blue or purple, depending on the light.

I might try Contrast in a 'cut crease' look in the future, but I think it requires more skills :) haha

Do you have Contrast in your collection? 

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